Paul Ryan is dipping his toe a bit more in the pool of a potential POTUS run:

On Thursday evening, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan said yet again that he is not considering a run for the GOP presidential nomination. But when asked by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto whether he would change course from past rejections of a presidential bid, Ryan hesitated before saying, “Look, I think I want to see how this field develops.”…

Sources close to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus –- who is also from Wisconsin and is encouraging Ryan to run -– say that it is not just unilateral pressure from Priebus that is sparking rumors. They say Ryan is himself considering making a move

Further, Ryan delivered a speech on foreign policy Thursday night in Washington to the Alexander Hamilton Society, the kind of thing a prospective candidate for president just might do. That drew some raised eyebrows from Stephen Hayes, a Fox News and Weekly Standard contributor.

What a Christmas present this would be if President Congressman Ryan takes the plunge.

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