No crazy thought: Michelle Bachmann can win the GOP nomination

There is a disturbance in the force of the GOP establishment.  Over the last few months I haven’t seen one inkling or belief that Michelle Bachmann would be a serious contender, let alone win the GOP nomination if she were ever to make a run for President.  After the most recent debate, Congresswoman Bachmann left the GOP establishment and the political punditry astonished and bewildered.  After all, she was supposed to be a nut, off the wall silly and not worthy of consideration.  Why is she leading among independents among all GOP presidential candidates now?  That’s not supposed to be the case for a far-right crazy congresswoman.

In my humble opinion, what seemed to be an insurmountable, practically foolish attempt to even get into the race for Bachmann suddenly doesn’t look that hard.  Very quietly she has assembled a crackerjack political team and has been pulling in impressive fundraising numbers.  She is now the odds-on-favorite to win Iowa, given her deep evangelical, tea party, and native roots in this state.  If she wins Iowa, she is likely to get much more exposure as well as scrutiny from the voters as the New Hampshire primary election approaches.  However, while that it seems for now that Mitt Romney has New Hampshire locked up, she is quietly building up a grassroots organization in New Hampshire and is looking very formidable in South Carolina.

It is not crazy to think Bachmann can win Iowa and South Carolina.  I think her chances to win there are quite strong, especially if Sarah Palin or Rick Perry stay out of the race.  The Romney campaign’s easiest path to a win is for as many conservative candidates to be in the race for as long as possible.  This would keep the conservative vote fractured enough for Romney to win the nomination going away.

She can’t place 2nd or 3rd in New Hampshire can she?  It’s preposterous to think she could win New Hampshire, isn’t it?   Then I remember that I wouldn’t ever believed there was a possibility that I would be thinking the above thoughts a couple of months ago.

One thing is is for sure.  Michelle Bachmann’s chances can no longer be underestimated.  She is definitely not the nut that the media portrays her.  It is becoming apparent that she is a very quiet, very skilled candidate.  She can win.

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