GOP missing a golden opportunity by already forgetting what got them the House and big gains in the Senate in 2010?

Unfathomable.  Indefensible.  HUH?!!?!

It is times like this that makes a conservative think with astonishment “Can our current leaders in Congress be any more calloused anymore by the norm of Washington politics?”   Personally, I hope Erick is wrong.  However, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the GOP again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The McConnell plan is no fall back plan.  It is becoming apparent it is THE plan in the Senate.  Transferring legislative powers to the executive branch, increasing the debt ceiling again with less than adequate spending cuts.  The result being of course putting more debt onto the national debt that is not needed.  In this scenario, Moody would still downgrade the U.S.’s credit rating because they will still have ignored Moody’s warning of putting together a credible plan or moving in a direction to reduce debt.  Interest rates will still spike though not as much as they would should we default on our debt.  Wow, would the GOP look really foolish then.  Senator McConnell, the donkey is the symbol of the Democratic party, not your party.

I have to wonder if this is a plan by the political establishment to isolate the conservative wing of the GOP.  All Democrats and some select RINOs would sign on and the conservative wing looks like the villain.  What a horrible, horrible double-cross to all those voters whom voted for the GOP in 2010 would be if Boehner and McConnell were plotting to sign off on something like this.  The winning strategy is as plain in sight as the nose on their face.  It has been talked about on this blog and other conservative blogs for some time now.

Remember, in Obamacare all GOP congressmen and us were united in our opposition to that monstrosity.  The majority of Americans were opposed to Obamacare and still solidly are.  The Democrats passed it anyway.  When Chip Reid of CBS questioned why 69% of Americans were opposed to any debt ceiling increase, the President said that we were misunderstood.  That sounds awfully like the White House sounded when Obamacare was rammed down our throats.  We should be united behind the winning strategy above as we were back then.  If the Democrats want to vote down every fiscally responsible bill the GOP puts forth and cause our country to default, then so be it.  Let the financial devastation caused to this country be on their heads.  If they want to go against the will of the people as they did with Obamacare, so be it.  Whatever the cost may be, we make our stand today:

No more debt, no more tax increases.

This is the expressed an overwhelming will of the American people as polls have shown.  We all should send a huge pallet of Rol-aids and Tums to Boehner and McConnell.  They are making this a lot harder than it really needs to be.

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