Back in Black vs. Economic Cannibalism — A choice for prosperity or a choice for destruction

One side:  “Let’s turn things around.”

Other side:  “Things will turn around.”

One side presents plans.

The other side criticizes those plans and offers none of their own.

One side presents responsible budgets

The other side presents no budgets….well, their president presented one and it didn’t get a single vote.

One side says “We need to tackle this now.” and is willing to risk their political careers.

The other side buries its head in the sand, takes every measure to evade casting a tough vote, and engages in foot-dragging as much as possible.

One side and the American people says “We’ve got to stop spending”

The other side says “That’s Draconian!  That’s extreme!”

One side and the American people says “We don’t want any more debt.”

The other side says “We must increase the debt ceiling.”

The Road Back

I’m not sure what everyone’s thoughts are.   I have to say I really like what I have seen of Tom Coburn’s plan that was unveiled today which cuts $9 trillion over 10 years.  I haven’t read the plan yet but I do like the highlights I have seen thus far.  Granted, there are some things that may cause a true tax libertarian conservative and hawk such as simplifying the tax code by eliminating a lot of tax deductions, some ridiculous to be even existing, some that some are going to be upset about.  It leaves the mortgage interest rate deduction in tact for owners of homes $500,000 or less so that takes away one class warfare card of the Democrats.  It also cuts the Pentagon’s budget by 1 trillion over 10 years.  Of course there will be Democratic congressmen, groups, and lobbyists who will cry foul and criticize all they want.  Kent Conrad is already calling Coburn’s spending cuts Draconian which is predictable.  Heck, even some conservatives will be upset by the elimination of many deductions and cutting in the Pentagon which “should” please Obama and the Democrats.  Will it?  No, they’ll always want more.  Big government politician appetites are always insatiable.  The obvious upside is that it trims down our nation’s government, saves a lot of money, doesn’t increase tax rates, and puts our nation on path to turn things back around.  Should we run Barack Obama out of office, repeal Obamacare, and creating certainty for businesses, we will put ourselves in a position to attain some monstrous surpluses once the economy does turn around.  We could have a real shot at actually starting to pay down the national debt.  Coburn’s plan is the third comprehensive plan that has been put out there by the GOP.  The Path of Prosperity budget and the Roadmap for America were authored by Paul Ryan.  However, it’s amazing that there has not been any plan put forth by a Democratic congressman yet.

Democratic Strategy:  We’re in a recession so we don’t have the revenues.  We can’t put out a budget that will raise taxes to keep funding our big government programs without losing independents and we can’t cut taxes or spending or we’ll lose our voter base.  So we won’t produce a budget at all costs because we are in a no-win scenario. Any solution the GOP comes forth, we’ll criticize, call them dumb, idiots, and say every plan of theirs is crap.

Since the Democrats produced their last budget (I can’t remember when they last did, it’s been so long!),  they have been cornered by economic reality that always happens when recessions hit.  Like the fall and rise of tides, so are economic trends.  We will have booms, busts, growth and recession.  And here you have the cornerstone of destruction that nations whom experiment with socialism always shatter themselves on.  In times of recession, flat, or anemic job growth you simply cannot fund socialism.  It’s economically impossible.  You could tax the rich to 100 percent and you won’t come close to balancing the books.  So, like screaming banshees drunken with madness, clinging to their government programs that they have shackled the American taxpayer with, they are willing to run up the debt to astronomical levels in some vain hope that things will turn around.  Their solution?  Passing a job-killing, deficit monster in the waiting legislation called Obamacare and other ridiculous government programs.  The result being economic uncertainty and businesses putting their human resource managers on hold status.  Revenues will start rising when businesses start hiring again, not when we raise taxes and take away capital that could be used to employ people.  It’s that simple.  Until then, the Federal Reserve will engage in economic cannibalism that we know as the printing of and dumping of excess currency onto the free market to fund the big government monster.

When it became apparent Government was too big

When President Bush was in office, the country had an unemployment rate of 4.4% at its lowest point if memory (feel free to correct me)  serves me correctly.  That is an incredibly low unemployment rate and we were still running deficits?  That should tell you something.  Now, we have been engaged in wartime with campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan which of course helped create those deficits but they were not the main cause.  We were running deficits anywhere from $200 to $400 billion on average during those years.  That is when it became apparent that government needed to be pared down.  It was the decade of the mushy-middle politician.  The problem is when you mix a Democrat and a Republican, you get diluted socialism.  That may be why Reagan always advocated bold differences between the two parties.  One last thing to remember:

Most people will admit that selfishness is the cause of all the unhappiness in the world but they fall under the soul-destroying delusion that it is somebody else’s selfishness, and not their own.  When you are willing to admit that all your unhappiness is the result of your own selfishness you will not be far from the gates of Paradise; but so long as you are convinced that it is the selfishness of others that is robbing you of joy, so long will you remain a prisoner in your self-created purgatory“   — James Allen. author of “From Poverty to Power”

The Democratic Party exists because people are dependent on government rather than on themselves.  It grows when people stop believing and trusting each other.  It grows when one forfeits their pursuit of the American dream by handing those liberties to a government politician, believing that a government politician is more virtuous than his fellow American neighbor and brother.  It grows when one envies a fellow American’s success and are blinded by the resulting bitterness and anger that takes root in the soul if one allows it to.  It stops growing and contracts when we believe in each other and ourselves to work and do each other good.

That is why I am a conservative.  I have to hope and believe in the good people of this country to do good to each other, their ability to work hard, to pursue each one’s unique American dream, and the God that helped create our nation by His grace.  Once we lose that hope and belief, we are finished as a nation.

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