Enough of holding the line. BRING THE HEAT

“Always take the offensive.  Never dig in.”  — George S. Patton

Seeing Erick’s last two posts just ticked me off in regards to Boehner.  Feel free to weigh in.  Boehner at least in the public light has been standing strong very well.  Tom Coburn really screwed up.  He presents a stellar “Back in Black”, 9 trillion dollars in spending cuts and then the next day unites with the Gang of 6, lauding their terrible plan.  Confusion to the voter isn’t usually healthy. And the worst part about it is that it let Barack Obama off the hook for that moment last week until Boehner walked away from negotiations again.  I am going to ask all the people out there tonight.  Pray for Speaker Boehner,  for strength, for wisdom, and for most of all, courage.  He has a very difficult task on his hands and though we sometimes are hard on him, I for one appreciate his service in an office that has so many demands.  The stress and strain of this battle cannot be quantified within imagination.  I feel that he has done a wonderful job with this tremendous battle.  He is battling with fears of a meltdown of the economy, the hopes of Americans whom hope he’ll stand strong, and trying to get our country turned around.  I would hope that the congressmen in the GOP caucus would each stop by his office and express their appreciation for the tremendous burden he currently carries.  Sometimes a weary soldier does need a fellow brother to lift him up, encourage and carry him through.

Time for the GOP House and the GOP Senators to predominantly stop talking with Democratic leaders and start a whole lot of doing.  Doing meaning the GOP House using the Dick Morris strategy to put Obama in a box, to start drafting a bunch of bills that are short term solutions that increase the debt ceiling, for every one dollar of debt, there is a dollar or more of spending that is cut without any raises in taxes.  I want to the GOP to say:

“We passed the CCB legislation.  When the Senate voted down a solution that would have started to put our country back on the right track, we passed a number of (between 3-5, there is only a little over a week left) pieces legislative  that accomplished what the American people wanted. No debt increase, no new taxes for a short term solution so we could continue trying to work a comprehensive solution out.  However, the Democrats in the Senate decided to vote these down too.  They have continued to not offer up a plan of their own at all.  They have decided to flush our economy down the toilet by their constant and stubborn refusal to listen to the American people.  The will of the people is clear.  They demand we decrease the spending, we stop incurring more debt, and we do not increase their taxes.”

While the GOP is passing and sending bills up to the Senate, I want Jim DeMint to force an up-and-down vote on CCB and make those vulnerable Democratic Senators cast a vote and put their name on record that they rejected a solution that 66% of the American people agree upon.   It would be a wonderful gift to see Harry Reid and the Democrats try to filabuster but seeing Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats vote down bill after bill after bill that reflects the will of the American people would be just as sweet as well.  Filabuster or vote every bill down that comes out of the House will look awfully bad and childish, not to mention how deaf they are to the expressed will of the people. In these last days before August 2nd….


As a post-script, the whole point of this is to show that the GOP tried everything they could to pass responsible legislation, long-term (CCB) and short-term (make it an election year issue.)  They fought the good fight and the problem is that the Democrats in Congress and President Obama continue to be deaf to the demands of the American people.  That’s all I want.  Getting something through a Democratic Senate is a very tall order but is possible given how many vulnerable Senators there are.

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