The GOP House has done and is doing its duty in the debt ceiling fight

Maybe I might get some disagreeing comments with this diary.  Ahead of time, let me tell you, I understand.  I have been wanting the GOP House to be on offense this whole time.  They have both disappointed me and made me happy during this momentous fight.

Where Things Stand

Since Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate, in pure gutless fashion, voted to table CCB and not give it an up-or-down vote, the House has been pushed into putting together a short term deal.  This may be much to Barack Obama’s chagrin since this will put the debt ceiling back on the front burner as an issue in the 2012 elections.  This issue is a huge loser for Barack Obama and the Democrats.  They know this because the vast majority of Americans are for fiscal sanity, spoke loud and clear in 2010 as they do today.  Though Harry Reid and Barack Obama have publicly stated that they want a deal that goes beyond the 2012 elections, it can’t happen now.  There is not enough time to write a comprehensive bill and they shelved the one that the House passed that 66% of Americans support.  Obama and Reid can no longer dictate how long the solution runs.  Filabustering, tabling, or vetoing the legislation that comes out of the House in the next few days will be political suicide for them.

The GOP House will have to be very, very careful to avoiding a trap similar to the one Bush 41 fell into with George Mitchell.  That being raising taxes as a trade for cutting spending down the road.  We all know how that turned out.  Nancy Pelosi is going to do her utmost best in trying to inflict as much damage between the GOP congressmen and their constituents for the 2012 elections.  This deal in the end will neither make the left or the right very happy at all.  The framework should be pretty simple:

  • Spending cuts start happening immediately and are not deceptively cloaked in accounting or political gimmickry that extends them out for 10 or plus years.
  • For every dollar of debt increased, $2.00 should be cut in spending.  Heck, I don’t care if it winds up being $1.25-$1.50 in spending for every dollar of debt increased.  At least this will signal the credit rating agencies that we are beginning to get our financial house in order.  The end result is we have a net cut in spending.
  • No new taxes.  Raising taxes during a recession is the most insane thing I have ever heard and Obama and Democratic leadership continues with their old, worn-out class warfare assault against the rich.  Just a bunch of baloney.  On top of that, its incredibly brazen for the Democratic party to ask the American people to chip in more tax dollars when Obama and congressional Democrats have been on a runaway spending binge.  Rewarding bad financial stewards with more money?  That’s like asking an investment advisor saying “I’ve lost all your money, but this time we’ll get it right.  I recommend we invest in….”  You wouldn’t consider it.  The investment advisor would be fired.  This was never more eloquently put in context by Ronald Reagan in a 1980 GOP presidential primary debate with George Bush.

The Bottom Line

Hindsight is 20/20.  Boehner and the GOP House should have passed more bills to better reveal Reid and Obama’s petulance in this fight.  Getting angry at the GOP House and staying home for the 2012 elections isn’t going to do us any favors.  We had a tremendous win in November.  However, we still had a Democratic Senate majority in place after the 2010 elections.

The problem isn’t the leaders in the GOP House.  We have enough staunch conservatives in Congress to keep the leadership in line.  When you see Chuck Schumer and Tom Harkin muttering and berating “the cult fringe” as Harkin put it because we are getting in the way of traditional Washington dealmaking, you know those congressmen are doing their job.  The GOP House passed Paul Ryan’s budget and they passed Cut, Cap, and Balance.  Those fiscally good pieces of legislation were voted down or tabled by Harry Reid.  They are not the problem.  The problem is Obama and the Democrats, not the GOP House.

The 2010 elections were the first election fight for the newly born movement of the Tea Party.  However, this was just one battle in the war for America’s soul.  When you have people on here like ColdWarrior encouraging people to be involved in their precincts and the massive numbers of volunteers that have arisen to counter Washington politics as usual, there is hope for this country though time is short.  We make our voices heard in the GOP primaries at the state and national level and we stand behind the winning candidate of that primary, even if it is not the one we wanted, because in the end that candidate best reflects our values in the big race.

Whatever Deal Comes Out

President Obama is going to have a very hard sell in 2012 with unemployment being at 9-10%, Obamacare, his government spending ways, his business killing regulatory stiff-arming of federal agencies, and usurping the separation of powers of his office.  Holding America’s credit rating hostage and threatening to cut off Social Security checks to expand government’s role in our lives will not help him either. So long as the GOP doesn’t cave and comes out with a deal that is reasonable given that we only hold one House of Congress will be good enough for me.  Default, my friends, would be BAD.  I can’t get into all of what could happen but it would be awful.  I have no idea how it would all shake out but there would be a lot of righteous anger directed against both parties in Congress.

Don’t be afraid of the media.  We have talk radio and a number of voices on Fox News and CNN that have eliminated the dominant hold that the liberal MSM had for so long.  Sure, they will try everything in their power to spin this as a victory for President Obama and that he looks so bipartisan.  Everyone already knows he is the worst failure of a president EVER.  Do not forget what should be our main focus:

Booting Democrats out of the Presidency and having majorities in both Houses of Congress.  We do this by nominating clearly conservative candidates for the Presidency and Congress that offer a very distinctive choice of two roads this nation will take.




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