Beware of misplaced anger: The problem is not Boehner or the GOP, it’s the Democrats

The problem is Democrats, but the biggest one?  President 2-Term at any cost, even refusing bipartisan agreements and wrecking a country. Is this guy trying to make a 14th amendment play?  You’re playing with impeachment, Champ.

I’m not really that happy with how this has all turned out.  However, there is without a doubt in my minf just how hard Democrats in Congress will cling and scream if the slightest particle that makes Big Government gets cut.

The reality of things is simply this.  We have a Democratic Senate and a Democrat holding the Presidency who are willing to vote out the only plan that would have prevented a downgrade of our country’s credit rating.  A downgrade looks sure to happen unless Obama, his Chicago cronies in government, and the political establishment bring enormous pressure against Moody’s and other credit rating agencies to prevent a downgrade.  Harry Reid’s plan is just George Mitchell redux.  Raising the debt ceiling without any real spending cuts.  The plan back-ends any “supposed” cuts to take place until 8 to 10 years down the road without labeling what those cuts will be.  There will be no cuts with the Reid plan, period.  All Boehner is trying to ensure is some bill to get through with no tax increases and to be sure that cuts will start taking place.

You know, I see a lot of talk about just holding onto CCB and trying to force it through.  The reality is the Democrats in the Senate will never let to it come to an up-and-down vote.  They once again are subverting the will of the American people as they did with Obamacare.  That’s how dug in they are to holding onto government, even if it means the vast majority of Americans are against it.  Even if they lose big in 2012, they will kick, scream, and howl by means of filabuster in the Senate.  They truly are determined to bring America down and to make it something that it was never meant to be.

The real rebirth of the Reagan conservatism began in 2006.  Yes, when the Democrats regained the House and the Senate.  Conservative voters didn’t show up because they were sickened by GOP congressmen and President Bush signing onto big government legislation like No Child Left Behind and the Prescription Drug Benefit.  The Mark Foley scandal didn’t help much either. There were significant numbers of conservative voters that didn’t show up in the 2008 general election because of the squishiness of John McCain.  Then we got a good, hard, horrifying look at what the scourge called socialism can do to great nations.  The rebirth now what we call the Tea Party movement arose in 2009 when the push for socialized healthcare began.  This new movement suddenly began to play a very pivotal role in determining GOP candidates, much to the dismay of the GOP establishment and the Democrats.  A significant number of freshmen Congressmen and Senators were elected.  Their influence and keeping the GOP leadership has been kept in check and ensuring that true conservatism has a very prominent say in the direction of policy for this nation.

I would have liked to see a more animated fight from the GOP with frequent bills being sent up so Democrats could take as many votes and going on record as being against public opinion as much as possible.  No one is perfect.  I believe John Boehner did as well as he could given that he has a Democratic Senate and President but there is still room for improvement.  

The only deal that Obama and Reid will agree to is any deal that does not cut the scope of government and spending.   They will never let CCB come to the floor for an up-or-down vote.   They will let the nation default on its obligations rather than have the scope and size of government reduced in the lives of Americans.

  • No tax increases?  Sure!
  • Spending cuts?  Sure! (ahem…though they’ll never happen)
  • Make this an election year issue?  Huh?  You must be crazy!  We can’t have this issue on the table again!  It would damage our only chance of having any say in government beyond 2012.  We have to re-elect President Obama because we won’t have the House and Senate.

A word to the GOP congressmen:  Book up on Cut, Cap, and Balance and make it a good point to sell it to your districts and at town hall meetings.  Make sure you remind people that you did as the people asked.  You passed Cut, Cap, and Balance which would have begun to turn things around and retained our AAA credit rating.  You passed the Paul Ryan Budget which actually (gasp) putting our country back on the road to fiscal solvency.

The problem was President Obama, Harry Reid, and the Democratic majority Senate stood and continue to stand in the way of the financial survival of this nation.  The only way we’re going to get the changes we need is to elect a conservative, GOP government from the top down.   So long as Democrats maintain one branch of government, our nation will suffer.  If they stay in power much longer, our nation will eventually be no more, destroyed by economic collapse that is always the end result of socialism and big government.

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