Cooling our heads. Obama, Reid and the Democrats are using a classic divide-and-conquer strategy. This is all about the 2012 elections

This will be probably the longest post I have ever written and will be my last for a while.  I need a break :)

Looks like John Boehner has the votes.  However, one very key thing I want to point out here:

Here’s what one reliable source, a senior Democratic aide, wrote back:

I can see it both ways-


- It will demonstrate a level of sanity not previously assumed from that body that bodes well for reaching a final agreement.

- It will severely piss off their Tea Party crowd which will diminish the political fervor to support Republicans.


- It will increase their leverage somewhat.

- It will unify them and strengthen Boehner.

- It will make them look more reasonable politically.

Convictions For Sale, Calculations for Power and Holding Political Office.

– “Do I choose to live with one tyrant 3,000 miles away or 3,000 tyrants one mile away?” Mel Gibson, “The Patriot”

Ahhh, see?  This whole debt ceiling debate has been one big, awful display of the brinkmanship that goes on in Washington.  It also gives you the idea of how everything disintegrates into political calculation now, a level of pragmatism and scheming that borders on the line of insanity.  It’s all about power and getting re-elected, nothing more. That sounds like despair and maybe it is in a way.  I have always hoped in the good of American men and women, of doing right unto each other so that we don’t need a government that grows when we descend into lawlessness and forget everything that made this country great.

The Tea Party is Conservatism That Was Set on Fire With Passion.

We must be careful not to let our passion blind our objectivity by trying to win the war in one battle. My American brothers and sisters, the Tea Party was the driving force behind the massive gains of the GOP in the 2010 elections.  63 House Seats, 7 Senate seats and a wipeout on the state level in governorships and legislatures which have proved to be huge.  However, we still had the Democrats in power in the Senate and Presidency.  They and maybe a few old guard Republicans want the Tea Party gone. The Tea Party is the fervent grass roots movement that has arisen to eliminate the ground advantage Democrats have enjoyed with unions and activists.  You take the Tea Party away from the GOP, things get so much easier for them.

The Democratic strategy has two visible fronts that I see thus far.  One, Democrats are voting down any bill that Boehner sends up, trying to get him to go along with the Reid plan so the Tea Party could be livid at the GOP leadership and not show up in 2012 at the elections.  Obama and the Democrats would love to turn this around by use of a default so a bad economy can be blamed on the GOP and the Tea Party so they may be discredited in the public eyes.   Calls for John Boehner and Eric Cantor to be replaced and GOP congressmen are playing right into their hands.  Disclaimer:  I don’t work in politics.  I know that I have been in supportive of Speaker Boehner though many are very angry at him and want him out.  To quote a Biblical proverb “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I know, we need to tackle our debt and spending urgently and time is short.  But we are never going to do it if we divide ourselves with the leaders we elected.  This isn’t 2006 where we have a drunken GOP congress spending like liberals.  2010 was just the first battle.  I firmly believe Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership want CCB sent through.  I firmly believe they want to balance the budget.  The Democrats aren’t going to allow it so long as they have the presidency and majority.  We are not going to get the changes we want unless we win the majority in the Senate and win the presidency in 2012.  It is that simple. It’s perfectly okay to get angry but we have to see this with clear eyes.  The Democrats are trying to play the Tea Party against the GOP and they are already engaged in the battle for the Presidency and trying to save the Senate.  It is classic divide-and-conquer.

The second front is a PR campaign to make the Democrats appear like the congressmen of reason, that the GOP are being  stubborn public servants whom are willing to risk default to make their point and it is those crazy, uncompromising, unreasonable Tea Partiers who caused the market crash because we didn’t do something.  This ultimatum that Harry Reid made to John Boehner just made me want to puke and made my blood boil at the same time.  Lecturing us how serious the situation is when they have been exploding our deficits the last couple of years and haven’t even produced a budget!  Why are we mad at Boehner?  We should be directing our anger and focus against this joke and President Obama COMPLETELY and on getting Democratic Senators and Obama out in 2012.  That should be our main objective.  There is nothing Obama and the Democrats would like better than to blame a bad economy on the GOP and the Tea Party.  Saying “No compromise!  CCB or nothing, Boehner needs to be replaced”  plays right into their hands…again.  This strategy that the Democrats are employing can be defeated.  Here’s how:

  1. We must stand together and be united.  This is probably the most important of all.  If we spend time sniping at our GOP leaders and congressmen in Washington and calling for ousters when we only control one House of Congress, we are dead.  Support our congressmen, our leadership, and be united in our focus in defeating President Obama and the Democrats in 2012.
  2. We cannot adopt a mindset where we settle on one bill and let Obama, Reid and the Democrats hang a default around our necks.  Rolling the dice by defaulting (which I am skeptical if we will really default) is to bank on an outcome that cannot be determined.  How can we get an outcome that we can live with at this time to set the stage for the next battle?
  3. The GOP congressmen and staffers at Capitol Bill must not only have the Boehner plan ready for a vote, but they need to be working 24/7 in writing up other bills to deal with the debt ceiling in case Reid kills Boehner’s plan.  The American people are going to get really ticked at the Democrats if Reid keeps turning everything down that comes his way.  This will highlight the fact that the GOP is putting stuff out there and the Democrats are just sitting on their hands saying “No, No, No, No, No.”

The Road Forward

We passed a really good piece of fiscal legislation, CCB, that did a lot of good things and solved a lot of problems fiscally.  It didn’t solve all of them, but it was very good.  Of course the Democrats in the Senate wouldn’t even let it come up for a vote.  There was a deal that came into my mind last night that I wrote about.  It outlined points of agreement and sticking points or points of impasse.  I’ll lay out our side with CCB, and Reid’s position in a table

CCB                                                                  Reid

No new taxes                                                  No new taxes

5.8 trillion in cuts                                          2.7 trillion in cuts (let them have this)

Caps spending at 18% GDP                          No caps

Balanced budget                                            No


Not much in common?  Yes but there are some very significant points I want to make.  Reid has agreed not to raise taxes as Americans are dead set against this.  Boehner wants to put together a two-option strategy so he can keep hammering Obama and Reid with this damaging issue.  I advocated this approach of extending the debt ceiling so far as to bring it back in the election year not too long back.  If Reid kills Boehner’s plan, then we hit them with one that gives them what they really want and saves our AAA credit rating  S&P and Moody’s credit ratings agencies have suggested $4 trillion in spending cuts/savings over a 10 year period to keep our AAA credit rating.  Both Reid and Boehner currently have plans that will BOTH result in a downgrade of our credit rating.  Boehner and the GOP are the only ones who can present a solution that meets the criteria to prevent a credit rating downgrade and because they presented CCB, they can concede 1.8 trillion in spending cuts and take this debt ceiling issue off the election year for Obama and Reid.  Reid cannot present another plan that details a bigger dollar figure from a savings standpoint without raising taxes.  So he’s locked in on this plan.  He only can present one plan because proposing deeper cuts will infuriate their liberal base.  Giving up too much?  Well, no.  The debt ceiling would be raised only $2.5 trillion and there would be $4 trillion in cuts so S&P and Moody’s can be satisfied and we avert a downgrade on the credit rating as well as having a net spending cut.  It’s a great start in the right direction.  In summary:

  • $4 trillion in cuts, $2.5 trillion debt ceiling raise
  • Take debt ceiling off as election year issue to make Reid and Obama happy
  • We take off the cap and balance elements until after the 2012 elections are completed and over with.  I feel very confident we’re going to win the presidency and the Senate.  We can take these up in the future.
  • No new taxes
  • AAA credit rating is preserved

The GOP is the only party that can be the hero in this situation because they are the only party that can do this plan without raising taxes.  This plan gives Obama and Reid what they want in taking the debt ceiling issue off.  It also retains our credit rating.  Obama and Reid would have no way out because the GOP could claim that they are trying to save our country’s credit rating and point out that they put the debt ceiling issue off after the elections which is what Obama and Reid wanted.

In closing, to give you an idea of what there is on the other side of the aisle.  Jim Clyburn and a chorus of Democratic congressmen are urging Obama to become Usurper-in-Chief by using the 14th amendment to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally without authorization of Congress.  If Obama did this, impeach him by electing him out of office, not Congress because the Senate would never vote to kick him out.  The reason why I bring this up is to make sure we don’t become so fervent in our zeal that we start thinking insanity like this and acting like union demonstrators.  These are the people we are dealing with.  Some are so obsessed with holding onto big government that insanity like this has started escaping from their mouths.

However this comes out, keep your eye on the main prize:  2012  Support our leaders whom we elected.  One battle, one election at a time.  Don’t throw your leaders overboard as that will embolden and strengthen Democrats.  Signing off for a break.

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