A colassal, strong negotiation card. Bringing up the debt ceiling prior to the 2012 elections. This is where everything hinges on.

All is not lost.  The GOP MUST NOT CAVE HERE in giving away this card to Reid and the Democrats.  Actually, did we just stumble into a golden nugget here?  Have you seen the White House calling Boehner the Grinch because this will come up again (of course Boehner’s plan brings up the debt ceiling issue again in February 2012).  This is where it all is folks :)

Here is what the Democrats are trying to do.  Background here.  They are going to try to somehow get the GOP to give this card away while keeping the spending cut levels in the 2.5-2.7 trillion range.  They claim that not extending this past the 2012 elections will create financial market uncertainty.  BULL!!  If they were so concerned about creating market uncertainly, then they should have never passed Obamacare.

IF Obama and Reid want a deal to put the debt ceiling issue past the 2012 elections, then Boehner and the GOP Senators must insist that CCB is our starting negotiating point since this is the bill they have out there that would put the debt ceiling off for the 2012 elections, the Democrats have the Reid bill as their starting negotiating point and we work from there.  Guess what?  The Democrats are locked into a starting position with no tax increases (oops). Effectively this would force Reid either to accept Boehner’s plan AS-IS or force the Democrats into negotiating against CCB.  This is win-win for us.  This (debt ceiling issue in 2012) is a very, very strong negotiating card.  If the House passes the Boehner bill today and Reid amends it to stretch it past 2012, send back CCB as the starting point and CCB gets pulled back off the table.  If Reid screams, the GOP can say that if the Democrats want this to go past 2012, CCB is where we start.

Reid has no choice but to make this an election year issue unless he can convince the GOP to give this card up for nothing.  He’ll likely try to negotiate a way to get in tax increases as such and leave this on for the 2012 elections.  Either way, we can take this as a learning experience and we’ll be much better prepared with how to deal with these guys from now on when February rolls around and the next debt ceiling vote comes.  Now that I see things as they really are, it is not so bad.  I hope the GOP is reading this post.  Note to GOP leadership, if you squander this card by negotiating any other way, you deserve to be lose your leadership posts.  That includes you Speaker Boehner.

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