(Update, Update #2, Update #3 — confirmation? Update #4 — Reid tables Boehner bill, needing GOP Senator support, melt the phones) Am I crazy? I think Reid is trapped

Update:  Andy Stiles is reporting that Reid will TABLE Boehner’s legislation.  Oh Harry, you’re digging your majority’s grave even deeper.

Update #2:  One of the best analytical pieces ever courtesy of Hotair.  Some highlights:

  • The GOP is going to extract as much spending cuts from the Democrats for taking the debt ceiling past the 2012 election.  Using BBA could yield additional cuts.  There are plenty of Democratic Senators and Obama who do NOT want BBA as part of the negotiations.  TOUGH.  I speculated on this earlier.  The Tea Party caucus holding the line and getting the BBA in Boehner’s bill was HUGE.  It would be funny to see McConnell attach a BBA to Reid’s bill to get it out of the Senate, if it ever gets out which is doubtful.
  • Moody’s says U.S. will now retain their AAA credit rating.  Sounds like the White House was bringing some enormous Chicago-like pressure to Moody’s.  Will S&P follow?
  • Obama is now saying he is open to extending the debt ceiling for a further couple of days.  What a bunch of…..you know, this has been absolutely the most horrid display of fear-mongering and deception from the Democratic party that I can ever remember.
  • Democrats are eyeing 11 GOP Senators to pass Reid’s bill.  MELT THE PHONES.
  • Can it not be any more clear now what the Democrats have been doing?  They tried to create another TARP crisis like they did in 2008 for political purposes and to save Obama’s failing presidency.

Update #3:  Reid to table everything, including his own bill??  WOW!  This morning we were talking about Reid forcing Boehner to kill his own bill.  Maybe the instinct was right,  Reid is trapped?  The Tea Party conservatives in the House by pushing to have a BBA included in Boehner’s bill, have forced Reid against the wall apparently?  I don’t know.  I don’t want to get my hopes up.

Update #4:  Reid tables Boehner bill with a 59-41 vote.  Reid needs GOP Senator support now.  Blow those phones up.  McConnell should get a boatload of concessions here if his caucus holds strong.  What the heck is up with Scott Brown supporting the Reid plan?  Asinine!


So the House will pass the Boehner plan with a BBA.  One detail that I saw was curiously left out was the fact that the Senate GOP can filabuster any bill Reid sends back to the house.  Reid cannot just load the bill up with Democratic demands to send back to Boehner unless he has 60 votes to bring up a vote to send the amended bill back to the House.  So the GOP does have some leverage here.  Time to blow up those phones of those GOP Senators to hold “Only compromise that will make it through — is mine” Harry Reid in check.

So now what?  Well, my trapped statement is simply this.  Reid has already offered up a bill with $2.5 trillion “spending cuts” over 10 years, with agreed upon no taxes, that takes the debt ceiling past the 2012 elections.  The House has already passed their bill that takes the debt ceiling past 2012, CCB, which has $5.8 trillion in cuts.  This is all a negotiation so these are the starting negotiating positions for bills that take the debt ceiling past 2012.  Reid has trapped himself in the fact that he’s staked an opening negotiating position with no taxes.  So the sides are $3.3 trillion in spendings cuts apart with the other provisions to be negotiated as well.

So, Reid needs GOP help in the Senate to get the amended Boehner bill back to the House.  Reid has no room for compromise and his ill-advised statement today makes it look like he’s getting in the way of getting something done.  If Reid tries to push his own bill through, the GOP House can send an amended CCB back up and the negotiations go from there.

By the way, if the GOP is doing so bad, why is Barack Obama’s approval rating down to 40% today in Gallup?

Am I crazy? No mean comments please :)

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