Okay, time to compromise. CCB, $5.3 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years. Balls in your court Harry Reid.

Okay, so the break I took was short but I couldn’t help myself here.

Sometimes it takes a novice like myself in these political negotiation games to see clearly.  I like John Boehner.  He’s a well meaning man but he’s been a little too nice here and it has caused him to make a tactical negotiation mistake.  He became focused on a getting a bill through the Senate rather than hard-knuckle negotiation, moving a little at a time.  That’s the way Democrats must be dealt with from now on.  Scrap the $4 trillion deal that I was advocating.  Speaker Boehner, when Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi got together with you, you were hoping that they truly are wanting to work together to solve the country’s problems.  Over the last 48 hours, it has become clear to me that Harry Reid is negotiating in bad faith as President Obama was when there was almost an agreement but he requested $400 billion more in taxes.

So, let us make a move forward with our initial negotiation stake in the ground being the CCB bill we just passed.  Okay, let’s move $500 billion less in spending and flip it back to Harry Reid. If the MSM and the Democrats scream “Moving goal posts!!”  just reply “We’re compromising.  We just cut $500 billion of spending.   The ball is in the Democrats’ court.  Also, since the Democrats didn’t want this issue in the 2012 election year, CCB does just that.  It gives them what they want so we’ll use the bill that accomodates their wish to have this issue taken off the election year.”  There are as many as 10-13 GOP(!!) Senators according to reports whom are against the Boehner plan.

The sweet part about CCB is only the numbers have to be switched.  The body of the legislation is already written so precious time will not be wasted.

If Reid tables it, just send it back with a $50-100 billion dollar reduction each time until he starts showing some reasonable movement or he brings up the bill up for debate, amends it somewhat and sends it back to the House.  Reid cannot table bills to infinity.  Also, the more he tables bills, the more Democrats look like they are not willing to compromise.  The people are going to get ticked and the majority of the public supports CCB.  It is our strongest weapon here.

Forgive me Redstaters.  I didn’t realize what holding the line really meant until tonight.  It means that Boehner should have used CCB as the starting point for negotiation.  If Reid tables the bill, just reduce spending in small increments until he comes to the table.  He’ll have no choice eventually.  If Obama tries going the route of the 14th amendment?  That would be just a thing of beauty :)

DEFAULT???  I’m really believing now this is a conjured up crisis by Usurper-In-Chief and tax cheat Geithner to play for political advantage.  It is TARP 2008 all over again.  Generating a market crisis so the people will be dependent on government.  Dispicable.  If it is not raised, the payments still go out but some government services would be shut down.  Fine.

Once again, forgive me.  Nobody is perfect.  Also, while we’re at it, lets send up the Full Faith and Credit Act up to the Senate as well to prioritize payments.

As things play out, if Reid murders Boehner’s bill if it passes by means of amendments and sends it back to the House, Speaker Boehner kill your bill and use the modified CCB as the one you’ll send up to negotiate with.  This will unite the GOP caucus.  A solution can be worked out using CCB as the negotiating framework.  It will tick Harry Reid off to no end and that my friends, would be the glorious icing on the cake.

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