What the debt ceiling fight taught us: Bleed the GOP establishment, government loving swamp through primaries and watch your elected officials very, very closely.

When Someone Cannot Be Trusted, They Have To Be Watched.

So disappointing and infuriating at the same time.  Maybe I’m just overreacting to this news of Boehner’s bill being written largely by aides of Reid and McConnell.  I thought bills were to be written and originated by House members, not the Senate.  Yeah, we got played….again.  I’m going to give the Tea Party conservative freshmen congressmen who buckled under the pressure a pass because there certainly seems to be an appearance that they were deceived by House leadership.  Allen West CANNOT be happy if he has read Erick’s find.

To the GOP congressmen — You were elected to solve problems and stand on principle.  You were elected to be steadfast and tough, negotiate smart and tough, and push forward and stand on sound legislation.   You gave up even before the fight.  If you were going to stand, you should have simply waited for Harry Reid to take up CCB in the Senate, flatly stating that is where you were at and lets have a debate.  You were fooled by the load of baloney coming from President Obama, Harry Reid and Treasury Secretary Geithner.   Your negotiation positioning was borderline incompetent or worse, criminally complicit.  Solving the enormous financial problems this country faces is not a Shakesperean play that has been pre-orchestrated for weeks and perhaps months in advance, to look good for a camera, and give the illusion that our government is solving this nations problems when even a body as big as the federal government cannot manage its finances remotely as efficiently as the average American consumer and business since the early 20th century.  You are supposed to write and originate a bill in the House, not the Senate, put it up for debate, vote on it, and send it to the upper chamber of the Legislature.   That’s the way the founders intended it.

– “There is a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.” — from the movie “Braveheart”

Reflecting on this, this was a coordinated assault by the Democrats, the MSM, establishment GOP career politicians and powerful political organizations to take out the Tea Party congressmen.  Folks, this was all an attempt to make people more dependent on government, to squash the growing threat of the Tea Party and their role in government, and to retain or grow the scope of government as much as possible.  To begin to cut it was something the political establishment does not want.  John McCain and his hobbit remarks.  You know why you’re not relavent anymore Senator McCain?  Because you use the service in the armed forces, the injuries, the medals, and the honors that you incurred during the Vietnam War for your own self-serving ambition.  If you were not self-serving, you would stand on conservative principle, not wanting to reach across the aisle and friends with the MSM in some vain attempt to create a Big Tent influence base for your own political purposes.  You’re no better than John Kerry.  I got news for you.  It’s not “Country First” as your failed campaign motto was, it’s “The People First”.  See the difference?  Seems like since John Kennedy in his inaugural speech stated “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, the word “country” is code word for “government”.  No wonder Joe Wurzelbacher was appalled when he got the chance to meet and talk with you.  I will give you credit for one thing.  In what you today might believe was and what George W. Bush believed to be a mistake in political calculation, you gave the Tea Party a prominent face and a powerful force within the GOP by the name of Sarah Palin.  What was meant be as a bone thrown to the conservative movement as grown into a force that the GOP establishment cannot control for their own political ends. We are not going away.

GOP Congressmen Expanding Government’s Role in Our Lives

It’s times like this that I wonder “Is the GOP in cahoots with the Democrats to destroy freedom in this country and make this a police state?”  This bill was voted through by the Judiciary Committee, quietly, by the GOP.  I should note that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was a co-sponsor of this.

From Ace:

Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee Approve the ISP Snooping Bill, HR-1981.

On Thursday legislation was approved that would force internet service providers to save information on customer usage for twelve months on the chance law enforcement might want to look at it sometime. The bill was mislabeled the “Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011″ in a nauseating attempt to cut off debate on its merits.

It eliminates the warrant requirement.

ISPs would be required to store customer names, bank account numbers, IP addresses, credit card numbers and home addresses. In other words, a gigantic database will be created for any snooping purpose. And, let’s be clear, since there is no warrant requirement, law enforcement will end-up simply grabbing all of the information available, whether or not there is an ongoing investigation, and storing it permanently.

Republicans did this.

The GOP congressmen?  Lamar Smith (R TX-21), Howard Coble (R NC-6), Elton Gallegly (R CA-24), Bob Goodlatte (R VA-6), Dan Lungren (R CA-3), Steve Chabot (R OH-1), J. Randy Forbes (R VA-4), Steve King (R IA-5), Trent Franks (R AZ-2), Tim Griffin (R AR-2), Tom Marino (R PA-10), Trey Gowdy (R SC-4), Dennis Ross (R FL-12), Sandy Adams (R FL-24).

The states of this country and the people that live in them are more than capable of taking care of themselves.  Stay out of our lives and focus on reducing the role of government while providing and protecting our freedoms.  Don’t pass legislation so you can control the people as John Dingell so eloquently stated and let slip the truth.

Going Forward

Speaker Boehner, whether intentional or by mistake, you have placed doubt in our trust in you.  By doing so, you have suddenly made Michelle Bachmann a very powerful force within the GOP caucus.  Assuming she doesn’t win the GOP nomination, she could challenge you for your speakership should you not keep your a** in line.  A word of encouragement and suggestion for the Tea Party congressmen:  Get input from Michelle Bachmann prior to deciding any vote.  She has been the most steadfast of any conservative in the House, including Paul Ryan.  One other thing.  Do not sign on to any bill unless reputable Tea Party congressmen are involved in the write-up of a bill, not Democratic and establishment GOP congressmen.  One of the keys to a successful negotiation from observation is the strength of conservative ideas in a bill.   It certainly looks like CCB was a scrap thrown to the Tea Party congressmen from GOP leadership’s table.  This should have been the bill you negotiated from.  Speaker Boehner, you know it is important to always negotiate from a position of strength, not a position of fear.  Having congressmen like Bachmann and Jim Jordan involved in oversight of any bill write-up prior to casting a yea or nay will be key in the future. 

The positive that has come from all this is what the government monster tried to weaken/destroy the Tea Party backfired.  The Tea Party’s role in government has been strengthened from this fight.  To all GOP congressmen:  If you do not start being the public servants we voted in and expected you to act in accordance to conservative principles, willing to lose your elected office by standing on them, we will vote you out in the primaries.


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