When the House votes on the Reid bill before the Senate does, vote the Reid bill through with the attached Lee-Cornyn-Hatch BBA.

As Erick said, the Lee-Cornyn-Hatch BBA.  Jeff Flake, you will win that Senate seat in Arizona hands down.  If any of you missed it, Jeff Flake said he would attach a BBA to Reid’s bill and send it back to him.

Yesterday was an amazing day.  Because of a group of Tea Party conservatives by holding out were able to get John Boehner to include the BBA in the House bill and send it back to Harry Reid, these conservatives redirected the narrative in a direction that left Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and Chuck Schumer SEETHING.  This is the last thing they wanted.  They cannot debate against a BBA.  That would be political suicide for them and annilihate their numbers in the Senate in 2012.  Democrats whom have openly “supported” a BBA will actually be revealed for whom they truly are.  If the BBA hadn’t made it back into the Boehner bill,  Obama and Reid would have clearly had the upper hand.

Now Boehner and McConnell are likely working on cleaning up the language and land mines in the Reid bill but it looks like we’re going to get a BBA when the final deal is done.  NO PROMISES OF A FUTURE VOTE ON BBA.  A BBA VOTE HAPPENS NOW.  This is going to make the far left go into such a temper tantrum the likes we have never seen because their government credit card will be cut permanently.  They will no doubt lobby furiously in the states to prevent the states from ratifying this but all voters and state politicians from the moderate Dem end of the spectrum and rightward will get this done.  However, we’re going to get something that has been long overdue and that is a remarkable development.

Once the language and any little traps in the Reid bill is cleaned up and that BBA is attached, the GOP House should vote it through, not vote the Reid bill down, and send it back to the Senate and throw it back in Reid’s lap.  Reid will look awfully silly tabling his own bill.  Voting the Reid bill down in its present form without a BBA brings the GOP down to Harry Reid’s level of killing everything.  This stays consistently in parameters with Boehner’s speech yesterday on the House floor that was one big can of awesome.  The GOP are the ones whom are willing to say yes, who are wanting to get the country’s finances in back in order.  In the end, we get a watered down version of Cut, Cap, and Balance but that my friends, I will take any day.  The nightmare of this all I think for Democrats is not just the fact that the BBA has made it into the discussion, but the conservatives get to dictate the terms of it.

One thing I politely disagree with Erick, though.  I loved the Boehner press conference idea.  However, keep Obamacare out of it for the time being.  Keep the message focused and simple which is getting our country’s finances in order.  This is really what the minds of a vast majority of Americans are focused on. Killing Obamacare will come soon enough.  The BBA will effectively kill Obamacare in all reality because it will defund it.  There will be no way to come up with the money for it.

BOTTOM LINE:  Either the Reid bill in its pure form or any compromise bill that comes out of the Senate, the House should approve it with attaching the Lee-Cornyn-Hatch BBA to it and send it to the Senate for final approval.

There will be a serious effort by the Senate potentially from both sides to pressure the House to accept whatever the compromise bill will be as-is.  Those Tea Party conservatives will have to make sure again that Boehner includes the BBA in the bill that comes out of the Senate.  We’ll need round 2 of civilian whipping on the House and Senate GOP to hold here. 

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