A negotiating primer with lessons learned for future use, the positive direction the country has been pushed in, and MSM/liberal/political establishment caterwauling of the Tea Party’s rise

I am sure everyone has an idea how to negotiate.  Heck, we start doing it when we are little kids.  This debt ceiling fight has been truly beneficial.  Barack Obama and Democrats have been hurt enormously from a political prospective as a result of this fight.  From my standpoint, I have learned A LOT.  It has been fascinating to see these political negotiations play out trying to hammer out a deal in the last 24 hours.  Some things I wanted to point out that are key to file away for memory in the future:

  1. Given the apparent fact that the Boehner’s bill was written largely by aides of Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, this tells me some things.  One, leaders from the House and Senate wanted to make sure that a deal did get done and so Speaker Boehner got Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell involved.  This was mistake number 1.  Speaker Boehner compromised his negotiating leverage right off the bat by doing this.  No wonder one GOP congressman told Erick that the negotiating starting position after Reid tabled CCB was s***.  What is unknown is if the conservative freshman congressmen knew whom were the writers of the Boehner compromise legislation.  When the second Boehner bill that was originated and the whipping began, the fix was in and those conservative freshmen congressmen began to feel the hit from everywhere, being that from the MSM, the GOP political establishment, and veteran GOP congressmen.  I do not fault the freshmen congressmen who broke under the pressure.  This is all very new to them.  They were trusting in their leadership.  The lesson they have learned is not to be so trusting of their leadership in the future and to fight to get harder conservative principles in the legislation before giving their yea vote.  With this learning lesson, the Tea Party congressmen have gained an enormous amount of leverage in the writing of future legislation.  I do applaud the 22 who wouldn’t give over their votes until a balanced budget amendment was added into the final legislation that would be passed up to the Senate.
  2. The entry of the BBA into the discussion and into the final negotiated deal coming out of Congress has infuriated the MSM/GOP political establishment/and liberal Democrats.  This I believe is the biggest win coming from the final deal that will come from this. It represents a valid and very mortal threat to the size of federal government and directing power back to the people.  Do not be fooled.  This is the main thing that has got them in such a tizzy and causing them to vent ultimate rage at the Tea Party.  I have seen arguments that the Balanced Budget Amendment will never pass, it makes no sense to have votes on it, etc.  It forces politicians from both parties to vote on and discuss this at a minimum.  The people of America are overwhelmingly in support of a balanced budget amendment.  There are some who may argue that Democrats in Congress will get political cover by having voted for a BBA.  I disagree.  What makes this impossible is their prior voting record for runaway government spending.  Whatever primary or general election opponents they may compete with, these opponents will use this to threaten their jobs.  So Democrat and GOP establishment/career politicians are now going to be put solely in the crosshairs.  John Boehner had to include the BBA to get the second House bill to the upper chamber otherwise he would have lost the Speaker’s gavel.  Will a BBA ever make it to the states for ratification?  It could, if enough gains are made in the House and Senate and the presidency is won in 2012.  This is a very large mountain to climb.  Once a BBA passes onto the states, then Democrats who hold majorities in legislative state office in light blue, purple and red states would be put in a horrible predicament.  As if their catastrophic losses from the 2010 elections were bad enough, the strain that this will cause them will be unbearable.  The important thing is that the BBA becomes a main issue for every GOP congressman, congressional, and presidential candidate to talk about for the foreseeable future.  Democrats cannot fight against this issue because the country is in bad financial shape right now and so long we are, this is an issue, so long as it is in the national discussion, that yields a huge advantage to the GOP.  That is why the MSM/political establishment need the BBA off the national discussion ASAP because it is only going to gather momentum from here on out.
  3. Negotiation mistake number 2 — Conceding too much in the legislation of the second Boehner bill after CCB had been passed. Of course, it could be argued that this was a result of Negotiation Mistake Number 1. I need to point out something to everyone.  The reason why Democrats on Capitol Hill never put something on the table was basically of two reasons:  1) Anything that they put on the table that was fiscally sound would have caused their left wing to go crazy and further imperiled them in 2012.  Anything that would have pleased their left wing would have been savaged by the GOP and the people as whole would have told them “ARE YOU CRAZY??”  Fiscal Democrats and independents would have bailed ship in droves.  Obama wouldn’t stand a chance of being re-elected and the slaughter in Congress would be horrible in 2012.  2)  Their hope was that they could claim that the House GOP was being obstructionist by not offering anything else and sitting on CCB after Reid tabled the bill.  What Boehner could have done was simply amend CCB by very slightly reducing the spending cut figure, having a vote on it, and sending it back to the Senate.  With each piece of legislation that was sent to the Senate and then killed by Reid, the GOP could just very slightly amend the spending cut figure and send it back to the Senate.  The more times that they did this, the more Reid’s negotiating leverage would evaporate as the people would tire of Reid killing everything that went to the chamber.  If Reid and Obama whined that the GOP wasn’t compromising, the GOP could respond “We have but we cannot negotiate unless you put something on the table (a.k.a. throw down your starting negotiating position and we work from there.)”  There, right there is the Democrats’ problem.  By the GOP openly revealing their negotiating position and with tiny concessions, the pressure would mount for the Democrats to reveal their starting negotiating position publicly.  Of course the Democrats couldn’t do this because if they did, the public would say “ARE YOU CRAZY??  WE HAVE TO CUT SPENDING, WE DON’T WANT MORE TAXES!  NO MORE SPENDING TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY JOE BIDEN!”  At some point, the GOP would be able to stop, tell the public “Look, we’ve been trying to compromise but we have no framework to compromise from so we are going to wait from our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to reveal publicly where they are.”  Game over.
  4. A note to the GOP.  Negotiate publicly in the future. By doing so, you put the scrutiny of the public squarely on the Democrats and force them to reveal their negotiating positions and putting plans on paper for the public to see.  Of course the Democrats don’t want that but the longer they drag their feet and not reveal anything, the more public support they will bleed.

In summary, we didn’t have enough time to play all of this out and that is the fault of GOP leadership.  CCB should have been passed back in June.

Because of the political courage of the 22, the national discussion has turned America back in a positive, though fragile direction.

As was stated earlier, because the BBA is now part of the national discussion should remain part of it so long as we are in the financial shape we are in, this is a direction that the MSM, Democrats, liberals and the political establishment are trying to get a hold of and turn it back in their favor.  I get a visual of them as a bullrider trying to ride the bull. The bull is the people.  Their problem is the bull is no longer docile.  The bull cannot be controlled.  It is worse than all the bulls in the past.  It is the equivalent of riding something as violent as Bodacious or Tornado but far worse.  They have to find a way to control it but there is none available.  The best tools they have are tranquilizers in the form of BS journalism that the MSM spews.  However, their tranquilizers don’t work anymore because Fox News and conservative talk radio renders them immune whatever tranquilizers they can concoct.  The more time goes by, the more control over the bull (people) they lose and the bull becomes stronger.  Now if you’re reading this, you might think I’m a country person from the backwoods.  That’s not a bad thing at all but believe me, I’m not :)  I was just trying to think up the best analogy that popped in my head.  You get the picture of what I’m trying to explain.

So just how bad are the MSM/liberal/political establishment trying to get the horrible direction this country has taken back in their favor?


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These are just some of them out there.  There are so many more.  You think we have gotten under their skin?

2012 Presidential Nominee

I’ve looked at the candidates, both declared and undeclared.  I know the leaders at RedState haven’t endorsed anyone yet.  However, there is a awfully formidable ticket out there for 2012 that just jumps out at me.

Rick Perry – Liberals flat out hate this guy.  I have seen one liberal poster calling him “Bush on Steroids”.  He’s not a government expanding GOP president like Bush was for one.  Very much for states rights and limited government, an unabashed conservative whom like Ronald Reagan, used to be a Democrat but realized after a time that there was no more room for conservatives in the Democratic Party.  A three-term Texas governor in which almost HALF THE JOBS in the United States have been created since 2009 and the population growth in the state of Texas has been so great that the state gained FOUR congressional seats from the 2010 census.  That is a very potent record to deal with.  His VP running mate/apprentice/Future-President-in-Training to compliment him would be Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida who put John Kerry in his place yesterday on the Senate floor.  Aside from having huge popularity in the state of Florida, he would create enormous problems for Barack Obama and Joe Biden with the Hispanic vote.   I love Michelle Bachmann but we need her to keep the GOP leadership on a leash in the House.  We have a lot of great conservatives in government now.  We must continue to grow them within the GOP and in numbers in Washington D.C.



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