Winning the 2012 Presidency and Senate = Major, upfront, real cuts NOW (Fiscal-year budgets cannot be filabustered in the Senate)

Thank you Dick Durbin for reminding me of this.  I’ve been focused on touting a BBA for so long now that I completely forgot this very potent means to get our financial house in order.  So, assuming the GOP wins the executive branch and Senate, can you imagine the terrorist cries from the left?

Power of the Purse — Powerless To Stop This

What I visualize is a lot of federal departments and programs (ahem…barring repeal…Obamacare) will see outright de-funding or a huge cut to their budgets.  The Democrats will be rendered powerless.  They might throw up plenty of amendments during the budget reconciliation process, have Senators object to unanimous consent, put holds on and every other parliamentary maneuver to prevent this from happening…but it will happen, every year the GOP maintains the executive and legislative branches.  There is nothing they can do. So why haven’t Democrats in the Senate presented any budget in the last couple of years with the exception of that 97-0 thrashing that was adminstered to the Obama budget?  Well, the people are overwhelmingly against raising taxes and more spending.  So they couldn’t throw a budget out there advocating more stimulus because they would have been slaughtered politically.  And they certainly couldn’t put forth something that was actually fiscally responsible with no taxes because their left wing would have slaughtered them.

If You Believe Government Should Live Within Its Means, You Are Now A Terrorist.

“We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”


“They have no compunction about blowing up the economy to get what they want,” Doyle told POLITICO after the meeting.


How in the world does wanting to cut spending and get the country back on a sound fiscal path blow up the economy?  So long as public opinion is in favor of balanced budgets, not raising taxes, and reducing spending the GOP can use this card against the Dems all day.  Now, that first quote tells you a lot.  What that statement really said was:

“This small group of terrorists are making it impossible to spend so we can trumpet the pork to our constituencies and retain our jobs in office.”  This is the way it has been as far back as I can remember in Washington.

Common sense time.  When a business is losing money, what does it do first?  CUT PAYROLL.  Does it keep getting loans to turn things around?  No….well not unless you’re GM, Chrysler and big banks.  If it does, eventually the spigot gets turned off from the banks and financial ruin ensues.  A government’s budget should be run like the way everyone else in this country has to run their finances, whether the budget be personal or business.  The government is not above the people, it is for the people.  This mindset of “Spend money to make money”  Keynesian economics appeared to work simply was the fact that we had a population boom after World War II.  Absent population booms and growing economies, it will fail every time.

In summary, the framework to get out of this mess roughly seems to be cutting spending significantly through each fiscal year’s budget, done by cutting a lot of regulation by repeal and defunding or substantially cutting down federal departments whom enforce regulation to take away the fear of business owners so they are confident enough to invest in the economy again.  By paring everything down, entitlement reform can then be discussed.  Connie Mack’s penny legislation and Fair Tax are things that should be discussed.  However, a balanced budget needs to remain always in the conversation so long as we’re in this financial mess.  Sure, it is a very tall mountain to climb but so long as it is in the conversation, it is a political weapon that Democrats cannot debate against.  If they advocate a balanced budget amendment through higher taxes, that is a political loser for them. 

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