The Bushification of Rick Perry Begins

We saw this with President Bush during his entire presidency.  Oh, the left did this to Reagan too.  Looks like the left is already lining their sights up on Rick Perry.  Their meme?  Perry is stupid because he didn’t get good grades in college.  On top of that, they are throwing gay smears against him as well.  Of course, Obama hasn’t released his college transcripts and Donald Trump hammered him on this in the spring.  We cannot expect anything less than a double standard from liberals.  Wasn’t it the intellectual elite whom got this country into a big mess in the first place?

It is pretty apparent the left is going to try to take out Rick Perry before he has a chance to get off the ground.  Maybe rightfully so since it is pretty much consensus that Perry would be an awfully formidable candidate.  Democrats and some establishment Republicans fear Rick Perry the most.  Maybe that tells us this is our candidate?

The way I see this shaking out is the race will come down to Romney, Perry, and Bachmann.  If Rick Perry wins Iowa, he will likely cruise to the nomination.  If Bachmann wins Iowa, then it is likely to be a very close horse race between the three but the longer Bachmann is in the equation, this may allow Mitt Romney to eek out a nomination win as Bachmann and Perry are likely to split the conservative vote.  Can Bachmann win the GOP nomination?  Personally, I think she’ll have a very hard time competing with the awesome record that Rick Perry has built up in his three terms as governor of Texas.  If Bachmann falls out of the race, she and Sarah Palin will likely endorse Perry and that will seal things.

Interesting race we have ahead of us.


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