Political musings of the day: Establishment scheming, telling the truth is not presidential, a bolt from the blue?


This Ryan thing is more serious than I thought.  I had dismissed this when I heard this but now.  If he runs, I will be torn in two since I am 100% all in for Rick Perry.  I really wanted Paul Ryan to run but he doesn’t have any type of serious network like Romney or Perry…or so it would seem.

Here is the kicker in all of this.  I don’t see Karl Rove’s anti-Perry comments today as bluster.  I believe that the GOP establishment is HEAVILY pressuring Ryan to run and would have a network ready made and in place for him if he says yes.  I believe they are very much alarmed at the probability of Perry winning the nomination and the Presidency.  It would defang their power to groom eventual presidents significantly.  Ryan would make a very good candidate and I like him a lot.  The upper Midwest and the Coal Belt are where the presidency will be won and Ryan will play very well here.  I thought the time to jump in should have been two months ago if Ryan was going to move.  Personally, I think Ryan is fine right where he is at but wouldn’t have a problem with him running.

Speaking of Karl Rove, his comments infuriated me.  Granted, the man is a marvelous political strategist but that is all he is.  He figures out paths to win for pragmatic, go with the wind, type of candidates to get the most votes, our country’s financial well being be sacrificed to retain political power.   How refreshing it was that Rick Perry called it like it was.  Granted, his labeling of Bernacke as a traitor was maybe too strong.  Discretion is the better part of valor.  I would have prefered to call Bernacke “grossly incompetent” but the context of his comments were spot on.  Printing money devalues the dollar and the purchasing power of Americans plain and simple.  Out of this a big question about Perry was answered.  The guy really has the fire in the belly, so much so that his political team might have to pull him aside gently a time or two.  However, he is unabashed and unapologetic in his core beliefs, taking responsibility for his positions no matter the political cost.  That is the hallmark of character and leadership.

Scott Rasmussen vindidated my instinct that Rick Perry was the man.  I took some gentle ribbing for this in the comments to that post.  It is now Perry’s race to lose, unless Paul Ryan and possibly Sarah Palin decide to take the plunge.  What an all-star field for the nomination that would be.

Interesting times ahead.

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