Washington D.C. against Rick Perry and the ordinary Americans whom encouraged him to run

It has been truly amazing to witness the ferocity of the MSM, Democrats and the establishment GOP trying to take Rick Perry down since he announced his run for the presidency.  From activist parents coaching their kids to ask Perry trap questions to GOP congressmen telling Perry to tone down his unabashed rhetoric, to crazy columnists going off the deep end.  There is no need for me to link anything that has been going on.  You have seen it all.

Rick Perry was pushed into this race prominently by conservative voters whom were unhappy with the field.  This of course has truly upset the GOP establishment and political operatives whom have axes to grind due to having their butts handed to them by Perry in past elections.  It has also likely upset the establishment’s pecking order of whom really has the best chance of winning the presidency and terrified them of being frozen out of a Perry presidency.

The latest tactics seem to try to press other potential candidates like Chris Christie and Paul Ryan to run whom I believe are well served by staying where they are at.  Heck, the establishment would love Sarah Palin to enter since it would direct the enthusiasm that GOP voters have for Rick Perry right now.  This would likely serve to blunt the runaway momentum that Perry has generated this past week with his campaign’s superb roll out.  The more candidates that enter, the more fragmented the base becomes which would make it easy for an establishment candidate like Mitt Romney to win the nomination.  You see, though Romney is polling well right now, people just cannot get excited about him.   He’s not exactly a candidate that inspires me and other voters and the establishment may be coming to that realization.

Rick Perry has a marvelous story to tell.  He was not born into privilege.  His humble beginnings and upbringing make it impossible for Democrats to claim that Rick Perry is just another silver spoon Republican candidate.  He is not shy about his faith in God, in people to succeed on their own and be responsible human beings, that believe in the foundations of freedom and liberty that have made this country great.  He has an incredible record as governor of Texas for 10 years with a job creation record so astounding that if he was the nominee, how in the world could any Democratic candidate beat him on the number one issue of this election?

If Rick Perry is the GOP nominee for President of the United States, he will be practically impossible to beat

Perry has not been perfect but he is willing to admit when he is wrong on something which is refreshing.  For too long we have lived with groomed establishment candidates and it is apparent that Rick Perry is anything but that.  He and Sarah Palin are the only ones whom can say were not picked by an establishment that always in the end, tries to muzzle them and cut out their legs.  How does the establishment know how independents and moderates will vote?  People follow courage, strength, and fearlessness in people like Rick Perry.  People who let American voters they stand for, their life and political record which validate their principles, and let the chips fall where they may.  The establishment should be reminded that independent voters disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing by a 2 to 1 margin.  Now what makes you think that independent voters are going to flee to re-elect a president who has been disastrous for this country, our economy, and our country’s well being?  I highly doubt they will run away from Rick Perry.  They will likely be drawn to his record of job creation in Texas and realize that there is hope and things will get better again.

Rick Perry is no Ronald Reagan.  He is Rick Perry.  There never will be another Ronald Reagan.  However, I cannot tell you by how impressed I have been with Perry’s showing thus far and how he and his campaign team has handled themselves with the attacks that have been coming from every direction, including that of his own party.  This man should be our nominee for President because he stands for what we believe in and wasn’t hand-selected by the establishment.  The establishment’s attacks against Perry tell me with each passing day that we have our guy.

In closing, I do have one hope and that Perry doesn’t change anything he is doing and that he just keeps being himself.  I don’t want to see him fall into the trap that Michelle Bachmann has apparently fallen into which is micromanaging their actions and settings.  So long as he is his natural self, he will be just fine.


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