Rick Perry not electable? Latest Rasmussen poll shows Perry only candidate beating Obama

Nothing like a poll that acts as bug spray making the establishment cockroaches scatter.

Here’s what GOP “insiders” who lost badly in 2006 and 2008 because they were gutless in sticking with conservative principles are saying:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry may be surging in polls of Republican primary voters, but his party’s Insiders aren’t convinced he’d be the best general election candidate. More than two-thirds of Republican Insiders say Mitt Romney has a better chance than Perry of defeating President Obama in 2012, according to this week’s National Journal Political Insiders Poll…

Here’s the problem with this totally erroneous mindset.  The establishment is still stuck with ancient political tactics that came about with an asleep and apathetic people.  Now that people are really paying attention and are highly concerned with the direction of the country, political tactics don’t work anymore.  Conviction politicians are the name of the game now.  Those whom stick to their convictions will be elected to represent us.  Those whom do not, will not.

I wonder if it ever occured to all these strategists that typically when one tries to manipulate a victory by democraphic analysis, it doesn’t end well in the long term scheme of things.  Maybe having a conservative candidate like Rick Perry will insure incredible turnout of the GOP base as the base will be motivated by enthusiasm, and anxiety.  He has the best record on the two most important issues of this election.  It’s all about jobs and the size of government and the economic burdens that it creates on our society.  This ridiculous notion that somehow independents and moderates cannot vote for a conservative candidate is hogwash.  Last time I checked, Barack Obama had only 30-35% support among independents.  To think that they will stampede back to Obama if Perry is the nominee?   Pffffft.  They will stampede to the candidate that has a record of creating jobs and Rick Perry has an awesome record at that.

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