The State of The Race: Perry and Romney neck-and-neck…with Herman Cain beginning to get a lot of attention

Watch out for Herman Cain.

That straw poll in Florida wasn’t a Ron Paul style hijacking, it was an eye opener.  For a man who made some misinformed comments and was left for dead a few months ago, suddenly has new life and people are taking another look at him.  Here are some observations:

  1. Cain doesn’t have the baggage of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry from the standpoint that both governors passed legislation that the people of their states wanted but are at odds with national opinion.  Mitt Romney with Romneycare and John Kerry-like flip-flopping on a host of other issues, Rick Perry with immigration and issuing executive orders that appear to try to circumvent the Texas legislature.  I would argue that Perry could do a better job of presenting and rebutting on this issue as well as the Gardisal issue but unfortunately he has not.  The result is that he has likely lost his dominant lead that he once had.  I really like Rick Perry and have been in his camp just prior to his announcement of his candidacy.   I have not been happy with his performances and doubt about him has crept in my mind.  If he debates like that against Obama, he is toast.  His campaign is taking on water and his staff better right his ship quickly.
  2. All three men are very good speakers.  Romney is also a solid debater and Perry at least thus far has not been.  Cain is a fantastic debater.  This is the second time that Cain has breathed life into his campaign by a debate performance.
  3. Cain and Perry are wonderful campaigners.  Romney is not.  He runs his campaigns being isolated for the most part.  I cannot believe he didn’t make a harder push to win the straw poll in Florida.  I understand why he didn’t in Ames, but Florida is a must win state for him so it would stand to reason that he would have made a better effort.  Big political blunder by Romney.
  4. Cain is a solid conservative.  He hasn’t ever had his conservatism put to the test by having to either veto or pass legislation that could test his fortitude to remain true to his principles in the face of public opposition.  This is actually an advantage.  While Rick Perry and Mitt Romney may holler “Not fair!”, they voted in favor of legislation that put them at odds with national opinion.  This poses a stinging, double-edged question to both of them:  “Were you voting to keep your job in political office and willing to sacrifice conservative principles to do it?”  My goodness, being a public servant is tough.  Ronald Reagan had to get vetted as well for some things he did as governor at California as well.  Barack Obama pushed Obamacare against majority public opposition and stands to lose the presidency over the economic damage this legislation has cost and will cost this country in the future.
  5. Cain is uncorrupted by never having served in government and being pressured to cater to lobbyists to fund his campaign.  With big political donors propping up campaigns, comes obligations to pay back later.  That’s politics folks.  Whether you like it or not, it is what happens in both political parties nowadays.  All the big money is going to Obama, Romney and Perry.  Cain is pure grassroots, a campaign funded by ordinary Americans.  If Cain looks to win the GOP nod, those big donors will come in but Cain will listen to the people first since they were the ones who spurred his campaign on.
  6. Electability — Once people hear and learn more about Herman Cain, his inspiring story, his optimism, and his message, I would argue he stands as good a shot as Perry and Romney have of beating Obama should he win the nomination.  Yeah, I said it.  Herman Cain could win.

In closing, it looks like we’re back to the same predicament with conservative candidates fracturing the vote enough for Mitt Romney to squeak out a win for the nomination.  But there is a lingering question in my mind…..

Why are we not behind Herman Cain?


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