Voters in Ohio poised to vote for a choice between mass teacher layoffs or higher taxes?

Uh oh

Keep in mind that PPP is the pollster for leftist blog Daily Kos.  However, their polling tends to be fairly good and accurate on the final few days prior to an election.  According to people on the ground in Ohio, the unions have been running some very….emotion evoking ads.  You know the type.  How the claims like “we have to provide our kids the best education possible” is a selfish cloak for public workers wanting to continue to burden taxpayers.

If John Kasich hasn’t done so yet (I wouldn’t know), John Kasich is going to have to do as Scott Walker did with explaining to the people of Wisconsin what would happen if collective bargaining legislation was not in effect.  He’ll simply have to tell Ohioans that if SB 5 is repealed a.k.a. Issue 2 is voted down, they will have to choose between higher taxes or massive teacher layoffs so the government can square away its budget.  I don’t think Governor Kasich would raise taxes but he’ll definitely pink slip a lot of teachers and this will create bigger class sizes.  Obviously the unions would really holler about this as they did in Wisconsin.

However, bottom line is that this is simply what the economic consequences and actions of these votes will demand.  Unless Ohio wants to go the way of Illinois or California, then Issues 2 and 3 must be approved by the voters.

You can find out more about what lies at stake in Ohio here.

Vote YES on Issues 2 and 3 November 8th.

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