Major disappointment in tonight’s debate. I had such high hopes for Rick Perry

B-R-U-T-A-LNot depressed, just flat out disappointed.  The Perry campaign is all but over.  I just don’t see how he recovers from this.  As ardent of a supporter of Perry I have been, I have to call it like it is.  So, we’re left with three candidates.

  1. A candidate who is the darling of the GOP establishment that is the Republican version of John Kerry.  One who takes both sides of every position and is a politician in the absolute purest sense of the word, meaning he stands for absolutely nothing but his own selfish ambition.  One whose legislation was used as the model for Obamacare.  If you weren’t paying attention to the results in Ohio regarding Issue 3 — the Health Care Freedom Act and its resounding approval by voters, electing this candidate would take one of the GOP’s strongest cards that they have to play against Obama in the upcoming election.  Romneycare justifies Obamacare, plain and simple.  It would eliminate a very potent weapon.
  2. A candidate whom though is a brilliant debater and very knowledgeable of what faces this country and policy, yet has had affairs in the past which in regards to the women vote — a line from the movie “The Family Man” sums it up best:  “You make a deposit other than at the Fidelity Bank and Trust (marriage), they close your account for good.”  Not to mention one who has reclined on a couch with Nancy Pelosi.
  3. A candidate who is unsoiled by the politics of Washington, great debater, somewhat knowledgeable on the works of Washington, yet has no idea what is going on in Italy, has multiple gaffes, cannot defend a scandal(which is revealing to be more bogus as the day goes along/mini-crisis) not even close to those he will have to no doubt face when he is president, and uses a deflection of “999″ repeatedly when he is stumped.

Yeah, it sucks for me right now.  We have no good candidates.  Those whom are probably wishing or half-wishing they had taken the plunge right now are Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, heck..maybe even Marco Rubio.  Each candidate, particularly the first two, hail from critical regions/states in this election. Personally, right now I’d rather go with Herman Cain just so I can flip the biggest possible bird to the GOP establishment and mainstream media who have been so hell bent on discrediting a decent man with a great story.  If Cain fired Mark Block and got a good campaign staff and organization under him, he may even stand a chance of winning.  Sure, the “scandal” has done harm with Herman Cain among women voters.  I just don’t see how, though Newt Gingrich is quite the brilliant politician, that a candidate who has had affairs stands a chance with the women’s vote in the general election, let alone the GOP primary in which a big part of the base is evangelical Christian.  Can women forgive Newt if Newt came and apologized publicly for his behavior?  The chances are against it. In closing, I want to point out something to remember back to that conservatives can still play to their advantage.  Remember when Rick Perry was running away with the race when he entered and how Karl Rove and the establishment were all up in arms?  They wanted Paul Ryan or Chris Christie to jump in…desperately.  The GOP is desperate to take back the presidency and will do anything to win it.  Conservatives still have leverage in this race.  If it becomes apparent that conservatives unite behind Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich, candidates that the establishment don’t think can beat Obama, things may get interesting.  That is the nightmare scenario for Mitt Romney.  Surprise candidate entering the race a little less than 2 months before the Iowa caucus happens?  Chances are very slim…but not totally out of the question. (sigh)

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