The obligatory “Rick Perry kicked butt tonight” diary

I was very pleasantly surprised by Rick Perry’s handling of a subject tonight that I thought he would have been weakest in.  His first two answers in response to questions regarding shutting down Iran’s central bank and starting from $0 in foreign aid to every country set the tone.  After that, all of the candidates were following Rick Perry.  His answers indicated that the U.S. would delegate from a position of strength and no longer being business as usual with countries we give aid to.  His answer also related to zero-based budgeting with all government agencies was another home run.  That’s a strong leader that was on display tonight.

It is only one debate.  But I must say, thank you Rick Perry for that performance tonight.  I really needed that.  Now, to quote Harrison Ford from Star Wars “Great kid!  Don’t get cocky!”  One debate at a time.

I hope and pray Rick Perry builds some much needed momentum with future debate performances like he had tonight.  May the Perry campaign rise like the phoenix from the ashes.

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