It is our fault if we do not help nominate the man that best represents us

Dark days.

Rick Perry has been rolling out an incredible platform over the last few weeks in his still rather young presidential campaign.  Unfortunately, the prevailing opinion among the GOP base is getting a man who can go toe to toe in a debate with Obama and look good doing it.  Have we become obsessed with the optics of what may happen in a future debate that rather than making our choices on a proven candidate that runs on a platform that oozes conservatism and limited government?  Let’s talk a look at Rick Perry’s negatives:

  • Immigration — This is the one that has hurt Perry the most.  Granting in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants has not sat well with the conservative base.  I have to ask one question.  Between Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain, which candidate touts a voting record or position is to the right of Rick Perry’s?
  • Debating — The ability to engage in debate, selling the candidate’s platform and parrying the opposition’s attacks effectively is a must have.  Perry has been getting better and had a wonderful performance in the most previous debate.  Tonight will be key again.  If Perry can have a performance like he had in the last one, he may start generating a little momentum.  I want everyone to keep something else in mind.  Rick Perry got into this race in August.  To put together a platform of what you will run on, build fundraising networks, put together a team, putting together a ground game, doing opposition research on your opponents, debate preparation and hone your message to sell to the American public in as little as six months?  Rick Perry is practically trying to do the impossible.  In retrospect, I might have told Rick Perry that he was biting off a little more than he can chew. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have had years to get ready for their runs and polish themselves up.

Bottom line, we have a candidate in this race who has a proven track record of conservatism, executive experience, strongest and eye-popping record in the areas that are the most important issue to the elections, whom is a man who listens, is a good human being without any personal baggage, has strong character, and who, I think most importantly, is by far the most consistent in sticking to his core principles.

The two lingering questions in my mind sealed it up for me last night.  In an interview with Fox’s Special Report, they dealt with immigration issue and the apparent flaw that Krauthammer asked him relating to Perry’s flat tax plan that was on my mind.  Perry’s answer was good and he made a point I had not even thought about.  View the interview here and make your own judgments.

It’s our own fault if conservatives and the Tea Party don’t nominate Rick Perry for the presidency.  He’s almost everything we want.  Sure, I would like him to be more hardline on immigration.  We can whip congressmen if Perry decides to get out-of-bounds just like we did when George W. Bush was in office.  But I can’t let one negative destroy all the positives that I see about him.  I’m cautiously confident that he is going to keep getting better in the debates.  I can see why the establishment doesn’t want Perry getting the nod.  He actually is going to make the effort to reform Washington.  The establishment is in no way interested in that.  If Perry got the bully pulpit and got this legislation constructed and did a presidential address to the nation about it, it would put those establishment politicians under the light of scrutiny.  The establishment cannot simply let legislation like this come to a vote.  It could endanger their gravy train that is set up at the people’s expense.  All the more reason to vote for him.  However, if we don’t nominate him, I am having a tougher time of who I would want as my second choice.

This will be my last post endorsing Perry.  My mind is made up.  You can donate to Perry here.

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