The one simple reason Newt Gingrich will not win the general election: Women

Newt Gingrich has conducted a brilliant campaign strategy since he stumbled back in late spring regarding Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity Plan.  He has been masterful in debates and shown an eagerness to take on and fight the media elite.  He has owned up to his personal and political mistakes and stated candidly what his positions are, though many may disagree with them but still live with them.  He hasn’t shown the brash ego and self-centeredness that reared its ugly head so many times when he was the Speaker of the House.  He certainly seems to be a changed man.


Though Gingrich has engaged in his own political cronyism and playing both sides of the fence on political issues like Mitt Romney has in the past (which the Republican voter seems to be willing to overlook), there is one thing that will stop him from winning the general election:

A considerable majority of American women will not vote for him because of his past marital actions of betrayal

Most American women whether they be Democrat, independent, or Republican will not vote for a man who cheated on his previous wife(s).  Among women, men like this cannot and will not be trusted.  People like to point out that Ronald Reagan had two wives.  The key thing is Ronald Reagan never cheated on Jane Wyman, his first wife.  She left him because there was nothing left in common between them as she claimed.  That is a very big difference. 

The dangerous trap that the conservative and Republican voter may be falling into is that we want to beat President Obama so badly that we’re willing to overlook a very serious character (and likely fatal) flaw that is considered to a bridge too far for a huge portion of the voting electorate. We are mesmerized by the fact that we have someone who has incredible ideas and is able to articulate and debate them so effectively.  We relish the thought of Newt Gingrich taking on Barack Obama in a debate.  No matter how badly Newt might hand Barack Obama’s lunch to him, women voters will not forget that this man cheated on his life partner(s).  And that, ultimately among that huge number of our population, prevent them from pulling the lever for Newt Gingrich in a general election.  Traps like this are lethal because people are so anxious right now to beat Barack Obama.  Unfortunately, this anxiousness is blinding us to the peril of compromising a core principle of character that is not open for compromise historically in the Republican party.

I will vote for Newt if he is the nominee because I want Barack Obama out of office. However, Newt Gingrich will never be president for this one simple reason.  Gingrich supporters may think this may not be fair, but it is what it is.

Most women in this country will not trust Newt Gingrich

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