A request to Iowa conservatives: Unite around one conservative candidate for President

Your choices?

Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum.

If any of you comment in the thread below why I haven’t included Ron Paul, you are one sick puppy. :)  Wait, what about Michelle Bachmann?  Well, it looks like her campaign is out of financial gas and a SuperPAC that was supporting her very quietly put its backing behind Mitt Romney’s campaign today.  The first question in my mind when I see this is why did this have to be quiet?  The obvious answer is to keep the conservative vote splintered between Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann.  One has to wonder if Bachmann is staying in the race to keep the vote fragmented enough to prevent any other conservative candidate from threatening Romney.  Her recent campaign stops have been practically void of crowds hearing her speak.  (Update:  Bachmann’s Iowa chairperson endorses…PAUL?  WHAT THE….?????)

Romney’s nightmare scenario as everyone knows is to have Iowan conservatives unite around a conservative candidate which would leapfrog that candidate to a likely victory in Iowa.

This would obviously springboard the winning candidate’s chances greatly in South Carolina and if South Carolina went to the conservative candidate, Mitt Romney would be in a do-or-die situation in Florida.

The fact is, if the conservative bloc in Iowa stays splintered, then Mitt Romney wins Iowa and coasts to the nomination.  I have seen others try to suggest that a candidate like Perry could win in South Carolina.  However, it is difficult to envision this as the money would pour in for Romney from the big money GOP donors.  Romney would be next to impossible to beat because of the momentum and his very effective campaign organization.  Hey, I have to give credit where it is due.  For the most part, Mitt Romney has built and run a very disciplined campaign.

Sure, Ron Paul could win Iowa with the help of an Operation Chaos play by Democrats and left-leaning independents registering as Republicans.  This probably would be a lifeline for a conservative candidate who could last into South Carolina and have enough money to compete.  However, in this scenario, it is hard to see how Romney could be derailed in this scenario.

As many of you know, I am a Rick Perry supporter like many on here.  However, I just want a conservative candidate be able to make a fight of it against Romney and the GOP establishment.

Newt Gingrich is a magnificent speaker and debater.  However, organizationally, his campaign has been terrible.  By observation, even with his boomlet in the polls, his fundraising looks to have been very tepid at best.  Forget his personal infidelities.  If he couldn’t defend himself against the barrage of well-constructed attack ads against his record and past statements because of a lack of cash, he will not be able to make a fight of it beyond New Hampshire because he undoubtedly has hardly any organization or money to compete elsewhere.

Rick Perry is the only one who hasn’t had the misfortune of being tainted by a voting record in Washington like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have had.  He still has a large campaign chest and organization and he could make it very uncomfortable for Mitt Romney if he were to place well, maybe even win, in Iowa and win South Carolina.  He’s the only candidate who could compete with Romney in a protracted nomination fight.  He’s also the only candidate that makes me fold my hands tightly in squint my eyes hard in prayer any time it is his turn to answer a question in a debate.

Rick Santorum doesn’t have an organization outside of Iowa really.  Now, if the CNN poll that showed him leapfrogging Newt Gingrich into 3rd place today verifies, he clearly has momentum and this does seem to be the case by reports on the ground and by Erick earlier today.  Yeah, I am aware of some of the baggage that Santorum has with his voting record but he has significantly less baggage then Gingrich.  He also is a feisty debater and speaker.  Hypothetically, if Santorum were able to generate enough momentum to sprint to the top in Iowa, his campaign would really have to scurry for fundraising dollars and build an organization in South Carolina in a very short amount of time.  This looks to be next to impossible to accomplish.  Could it be done?  Well, anything can be done.  Santorum would have to pull off something unprecented and Herculean in nature.  Should we give Rick Santorum that chance with our donations?  If he wins Iowa, why not give him that chance and reward him for the fortitude that he will have demonstrated?

Bottom line, I don’t want this race to be over after New Hampshire and there are no conservative candidates left out there.  Each conservative candidate has their drawbacks.  However, the only way conservatives to have a voice in the nomination fight beyond Iowa?  Iowa conservatives…..


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