Well, the choice to Iowans should now be glaringly obvious. The conservative choice should be Rick Perry

Last night I wrote a post requesting Iowans unite around a conservative standard bearer that will take the fight beyond Iowa so Mitt Romney doesn’t run away with the nomination.  As everyone has seen, the Rick Santorum surge at least on the surface is real according to polling that has come out in the last couple of days.

However, if the crowds that are showing up at each candidate’s stop are any indication, the top 3 are going to be in no particular order Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  I haven’t seen any pictures on Twitter or elsewhere showing that crowds are jam-packing to the rafters to hear Santorum speak.  If anything, Santorum’s stops are only marginally better than Michelle Bachmann’s.  Crowds at stops reveal enthusiasm and/or motivation to hear a candidate speak because they are considering a vote for them.  Something seems amiss between what the polling is reporting and what is being observed on the ground.

Given the size of the crowds that are showing up at Perry campaign stops in Iowa, it could be that Iowans maybe getting over the “heartless” comment that Rick Perry made regarding the immigration issues in Texas.  I really don’t know.  Perry improved greatly in the debates that followed the most publicized “senior moment” ever recorded in political campaign history.  I really don’t know what Iowans are thinking.  I have to agree with what most pundits are thinking.  They, you, or I have no clue how Iowa is going to shake out.

It has puzzled me why Perry hasn’t gained more ground in Iowa than he has in the last few weeks.  He grew up a farmer, is very familiar with agricultural issues and has served as a public servant in the agricultural department of Texas, is a staunch social, fiscal, and limited government conservative.  I cannot think of a more in-common candidate that could connect better with Iowans and be the prohibitive favorite to win a state like this than Rick Perry.

I think this nomination fight for who gets the GOP nod comes down to a fundamental point that has become apparent to me today.  2010 was a year where the majority of people finally said enough with the old political guard of past politicians, both Democratic and Republican, that had been corrupted by interest groups that served only the interest of those groups and not the people, and are financially ruining our country.  The only candidate that has said that government is the problem and threatens to upset the apple cart of the corrupt racket that is up on Capitol Hill is Rick Perry.  All the other candidates (with the exception of Michelle Bachmann) have been tainted by Washington or have had past histories that proclaim and believe that government should be the solution to our country’s problems. The fundamental flaw that these candidates don’t see is that most of the time when the government wants to solve a problem, it grows in size.

Will 2012 prove 2010 to just be a flash in the pan, a pipe dream?  Or will the people get behind a candidate that is openly calling for overhauling the monster that got us in this mess.  I for one hope and pray that 2010 wasn’t just a fluke.

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