Late entry dark horses: Bobby Jindal?

Can’t sleep tonight…and then I caught this:

In 1980, when establishment moderates were still clinging to power in the GOP, a devious plan was hatched to prevent conservative Ronald Reagan from winning the Republican nomination: George H.W. Bush, it was proposed, would drop out of the race. He would then instruct his delegates to vote for Gerald Ford.

The “Stop Reagan” plan, of course, fell through. But it might have sparked an idea — this time for the conservative wing of the party. Today, a prominent conservative, Morton Blackwell, has suggested a new candidate may emerge. Blackwell’s idea is for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to replace the man he endorsed for president — Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Blackwell believes that — for a variety of reasons — Gov. Jindal is “almost a perfect candidate.” For one thing, he says, “[Jindal is] a font of ideas at least as fertile as Newt Gingrich — but without the wackiness.”

But considering some candidates are already missing filing deadlines to get on ballots, how could such a swap work?

According to Blackwell — who sits on the RNC’s Standing Committee on Rules — if Rick Perry drops out, “People could run as Perry delegates — with Perry being a surrogate for Jindal.” Perry would essentially say to the public: “Vote for me; my delegates will vote for Bobby Jindal.

You know, when things look as bleak for my preferred candidate, Rick Perry, you have to consider sometimes these out-of-the-box ideas.  Bobby Jindal is a very experienced governor who is the combination of the conservatism of Perry with the speaking and debating skills, full of ideas like Newt Gingrich.  He would be a fantastic candidate.  And what I like most about him is his steadfast support of Governor Perry even though things look so bleak right now.

When Romney looks like he has a big lead in South Carolina with a very bitter and increasingly unlikable Gingrich and Santorum whom voted against National Right to Work legislation, things are real bad.  I really want Perry to catch fire but with each passing day its looking more and more unlikely.  He needs a miracle.  If Romney wins South Carolina, that will seal the nomination for him.

There would have to be a lot of things fall in place to make this Jindal idea happen and the chances are highly unlikely Perry would go for something like this.  It would be one of the most selfless acts on political record.  On top of that, Jindal would have to want to do this or be persuaded by a lot of people to take the plunge.  It would also be kind of funny that conservative leaders would take a tactic that the GOP establishment back then tried to use to stop Reagan could be used to take out their candidate.    One thing that makes this idea feasible is the majority of GOP voters don’t want Romney but the rest of the field is just so bad in their minds.  Jindal’s entry would change all of that.  I’m willing to bet there is a strong likelihood that if this happened, Jindal would blow by Romney in the fashion that Perry did back in late summer.   It is worth consideration though, pipe dream that it may seem on the surface.

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