Newt Gingrich has a Nashua moment in the SC debate

Of course I am referring to the famous line, “I paid for this microphone Mr. Green!” that Ronald Reagan delivered to a high-minded moderator in Nashua, NH in 1980.  This response drew a boisterous response from the crowd and some out of their seats.  The moderator tonight was Juan Williams on Fox News whom tried to play the race card on Newt and here is what happened:

My apologies for not being computer savvy enough to embed a YouTube clip.  However, I think Allahpundit over at Hot Air sums it up nicely.

Between this, the exchange with Ron Paul on Bin Laden, and the zinger about 99 weeks being an associate degree, I’m thinking he might have turned South Carolina from a solid Romney lead into a nailbiter. Has any candidate at any debate had the crowd more riled up than this?

Here’s the bit with Williams plus, via Breitbart TV, the OBL question. I hope Juan is reporting this as an in-kind contribution to Gingrich 2012. Exit quotation from Tom Bevan of RCP: “Newt really is the Honey Badger.”

My take on this is I think Newt has turned the South Carolina race on its head with this performance.  It’s the kind of nightmare George H.W. Bush had to endure in 1980 that may unfold for Mitt Romney in the days to come.  Even though Romney is up huge in Florida, if Gingrich pulls off a win in South Carolina with Santorum and Perry (it pains me to say that regarding Perry) likely bowing out, there will be a real two man race for the nomination.  It would startle the voters in Florida and they would get curious as to why Romney lost South Carolina when everyone thought he had it wrapped up. Even worse for Romney, the excitement that Newt generated in that crowd in South Carolina could spread like a brushfire among conservatives.  I’m not saying this is going to happen, but it very well could.

Newt might be the Honey Badger but I think he’s a political Lazarus.  He keeps rising from the dead.

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