To Governor Perry, if this is the last battle of your campaign, go out tomorrow night with guns ablazing and inspire the conservative base

If there is one thing Newt Gingrich’s recent debate performance taught us, it showed that any candidate who has the courage and conviction to unashamedly, unabashedly, articulate conservatism with conviction and passion, that candidate will always win.  Today’s polling from Rasmussen confirms that.  Of course, this is only one poll so even though I highly regard Rasmussen, it still is only one poll.   However, I believe a Gingrich surge is happening in South Carolina and this is confirmed by the Romney campaign and his supporting SuperPAC opening up an artillery barrage of ads in South Carolina targeting Gingrich.  However, as this surge toward Gingrich that apparently must be Santorum voters is happening, a hanging axe from Newt’s past, his second wife, will unload on him tomorrow night after the SC debate in an ABC segment of Nightline.  This will likely quash the surge dead in its tracks.  Everyone always has their own side of the story but the damage this will do to Newt’s chances will be irrevocable as GOP women are reminded once again of Newt’s infidelities.  This brings us back to an important and fundamental political lesson:

The candidate who has strong character in his private life, effective, courageous articulation of conservatism will always be a formidable candidate

This is why Rick Perry would be an incredible candidate.  And he has a fantastic record in Texas as well.   None of the other candidates except Gingrich recently have inspired people in the debate format.  Mitt Romney because of his lack of convictions, playing everything safe, and not forcefully defending the Bain and tax record issues.  Rick Santorum?  He has all the qualities.  It’s hard to figure out why Santorum doesn’t inspire.  Maybe it is because everything that comes out of his mouth is negative.  There is no optimism in his countenance and too much a focus of what is wrong in this country and how government can solve everything.  I really like Gingrich but the problem is whenever he gets a head of steam, his personal life skeletons and other political mishaps always come to haunt him.  Anytime he makes a jump in the polls whether it be in the general election or a primary, draws out another skeleton to remind people.  Which brings me to the next question:

How Would Obama and the MSM be able to attack Rick Perry?

Governor Perry’s record in Texas is nothing but success and Obama’s tenure as president is riddled with nothing but failure and misery.  Of all the candidates that are in the GOP field, Obama would have the hardest time attacking Rick Perry.  Romney fits Obama’s campaign narrative and they will try desperately to keep the light of scrutiny on Romney rather than Obama.  Gingrich will be attacked for his personal past and his fumbles as Speaker.  Santorum will be attacked as a theocrat who is trying to shove religion and morals down the throat of Americans.  Paul?  He’s not going to be the nominee.  Governor Perry’s record of success in Texas would magnify Obama’s failures, the Obamacare millstone, and give the people a clear choice:

America, do you want to start to succeed or do we want to continue failing with our current president?

Realistically looking at everything, it would appear that the Perry campaign should fold up its tent.  Personally, if things go as they are looking to go after Saturday’s primary, then I would like Perry at least to go out tomorrow night and give an enthusiastic, passionate performance that will inspire the conservative base and other GOP voters.  If the battle for South Carolina is Perry’s last stand, make it a memorable one Governor.

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