Obama’s clever immigration divide-and-conquer/red herring ploy…and Mitt Romney’s response is perfect

Contrary to some pundits’ opinions, I think Mitt Romney handled Obama’s immigration pander very well.  This is the second time that Obama has decided not to enforce legislated law and do his Constitutional duty as President (See Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution), the first being the Defense of Marriage Act.  Now there are some conservatives whom are upset that Romney didn’t come out breathing fire against Obama’s play.  However, consider the Obama loving media trying to get Mitt Romney on record on whether Romney would overturn Obama’s immigration order.  Hot Air highlighted this:

He continued: “I think the actions that the president took today make it more difficult to reach that kind of long term solution because an executive order, of course, is a short-term matter that can be reversed by subsequent presidents.”…

“I’d like to see legislation that deals with this issue,” Romney said. “And I happen to agree with Marco Rubio, as he said this is an important matter, we have to find a long-term solution.”

He did not respond to questions shouted to him by the press corps about whether he would reverse Obama’s decision.

Keep in mind that James Carville has been saying that the Obama campaign needed a new narrative on the economy and this immigration issue just may be what Obama is using to deflect attention away from the economy and jobs which is what most people are concerned about.  I don’t think Obama can come up with any new narrative on the economy because of his liberal beliefs.  His belief is the Keynesian spend, spend, spend until the economy turns around which Paul Krugman constantly gushes about in articles and media appearances.  Therefore, the next best thing is to throw something out there that distracts the public and gets them talking about something else other than the economy.  It also has the potential bonus of some conservatives negatively reacting emotionally to Romney’s response as saying he is going to really soften his stance on immigration.  The more conservative votes that stay home, the better for Obama.  Therefore, this play is to hopefully generate some division within the GOP and conservative ranks.  This is why I felt compelled to write this.  However, there could be other reasons for this play like trying to undercut Rubio’s DREAM proposal or fearing the U.S. Supreme Court will come down on the side of the State of Arizona in the immigration case.

Obama already leads Romney among the Hispanic vote by practically a 2 to 1 margin so I don’t see how Obama can generate any benefit from this in key states like Florida, Colorado, and Nevada.   This certainly will make things even more difficult for Obama, particularly in the key Rust Belt states among white blue-collar independents and Democrats.   The best thing to keep Romney in line is to elect conservative congressmen and trust him to stick to his past strong positions on illegal immigration.  The immigration problem is rather easy to solve but you have both parties vying to be the majority in power so they can be the one to claim “We passed the DREAM Act”.  This happened with the The Civil Rights Act of 1964, pushing the African American voting bloc into the Democrats’ voter base.  The immigration issue isn’t about solving a problem, it is for the most part a political issue trying to drive a growing ethnic group of voters into a political party’s corner.

The Romney campaign has run a disciplined and stellar campaign thus far.  His response that legislation by Congress should address the immigration issue is perfectly fine.  The press was probably hoping for some impulsive response that would somehow justify Obama’s action, alienate the conservative base, or some other unfortunate error.  Problem is, Romney didn’t take the bait.  Well played Mitt.  As conservatives, we’re going to have to sit back when the Obama campaign throws out tactics like this and be able to see through them.   This certainly won’t be the last we’ll see from the Obama campaign and the mainstream media.  It also certainly appears that Mitt Romney isn’t going to let this distract him from continuously taking it to Obama on the economy and creating an environment for job creation.  That alone is quite encouraging.

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