Note to the Romney campaign: Start advertising on what Obamacare is going to do to an American individual’s wallet

We know that according to the Supreme Court, this is an unconstitutional mandate or is a constitutional massive tax increase.  With the White House and the Obama campaign saying it is not a tax, we know that they are admitting they passed an unconstitutional piece of legislation.  Granted, the Romney campaign mishandled their response to the Supreme Court decision but screw-ups do happen in presidential campaigns. They have become a little disoriented in their focus with how to handle it.  Rush is right.  It’s time that they lock in on what Obamacare is going to do, not whether it is a massive constitutional tax increase or an unconstitutional mandate.

For the most part, I think the Romney campaign has been solid.  They have put up great fundraising numbers and have withheld their fire as the Obama campaign and the DNC have been blitzing the airwaves in the key swing states.  The result has been no movement or very, very little movement toward Obama in the polling.  This is what has the Obama campaign so nervous, openly moaning about Romney’s fundraising.  Romney and the GOP SuperPACS haven’t unleashed the massive counterattacking advertising blitz yet that will likely come after Labor Day.

This brings us to the topic of the diary.  For Romney’s experience in the private sector, talking and conversing with masses of people, creating favorable economic climates for job growth, I have to wonder if his advertising needs more of an individualistic focus.  He may be well served by illustrating in campaign advertising directed to you, me, the American individual, and what Obamacare is going to do to my pocketbook, your pocketbook, the American’s pocketbook.  Call the advertising campaign “What Obamacare Will Do To Your Finances”.  APA Guy gives a great sample illustration in a diary he wrote earlier.  30 second visual presentations of what health insurance will costs for a family of four making , $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 a year and what the tax unconstitutional penalty penalty will be in 2014, 2015, 2016, etc, if Obamacare is not repealed.  And it can be capped off with:

“If you want to save your money, then vote for me as your president.”

Heck, even GOP congressional candidates can adopt the above line, save the last word of the sentence of course, for their campaigns.  The best way to illustrate the screw job is visually illustrating it to those it will affect the most.  I don’t want to imagine how hard this will be on individuals or married couples making $40,000 or less.  I don’t want to imagine how this will annihilate small business start-ups, how many layoffs this will force companies to do and to contract their companies.  Yes, this legislation is that bad.  Bottom line, people over 26 years of age, married couples are going to get SCREWED if Obamacare isn’t repealed by whatever legislative means necessary. That is a huge demographic.

For all the Democratic talk about how great it is that people cannot be denied because of pre-existing conditions is a sure-fire way to either make the insurance industry insolvent or making premiums sky high.  Forcing insurance companies to engage in adverse selection is one of the most stupidly economic concepts ever devised.  Insurance from a conceptual standpoint is a bet.  In health insurance, the insurance company bets that you won’t get sick and need medical care while the individual is betting he will get sick.  The insurer determines your risk profile based on your age, sex, weight, asks certain health questions, determines if any medical exams are needed, and looks at your case history at the Medical Information Bureau, and sets your premium.  You can take this to the bank as the main reason why health insurance premiums will skyrocket.  The government is forcing insurance companies to take bad bets.  Insurers may stay in for a while, charging monstrous premiums, then sell out or disband.  The industry tanks and government comes in and takes over, nationalizing the industry.  Welcome to single payer and forced government servitude.  This is what cap and trade was all about as well. Bankrupting industry sectors so government can take them over.  This is communism in its purest and criminal form.  A government for the politicians, not the people.  Playing falsely as the champion of people as a guise to rob those who have worked hard and to rule over people.  That is the Democratic Party of today.

Taking the fact that there is another massive tax hike on the horizon, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and combine this with the implementation of Obamacare, you have the makings of a massive economic implosion sometime after 2014.  If you take that much spendable income away from the American people and out of the economy, the economy cannot survive.  Businesses cannot survive if people do not spend.  At that point all hell will break loose.  Economic destruction of America as we know it so the Constitution can be thrown in the trash can and a new government and Constitution can be created by horribly corrupt individuals, coming soon to a country you currently live in.  Okay, okay.  That is a little much.  But taking that much money out of the economy where we already have a bunch of debt is something that is quite scary to contemplate what the end result might be.

You think the stakes couldn’t be higher? What I wrote above isn’t sensationalism.  It is simple economic logic.  It’s what will happen if Obamacare survives.  It is guaranteed to survive if Barack Obama is re-elected and the Democrats retain their majority in the Senate.  The path to victory lies in highlighting Obama’s economic record, what Obamacare will do to the American individual’s wallet, and Romney showing a clear, simplified, positive alternative on what he will do as president that any American can understand.

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