Dewhurst-Cruz: Dead heat with Cruz having all the momentum

Caught this via the National Journal.

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has a lead in his runoff campaign against former state Solicitor General Ted Cruz, according to a poll obtained by Hotline on Call that was conducted last week for Dewhurst’s Senate campaign. The survey of 601 likely Republican primary runoff voters shows Dewhurst leading Cruz, 50 percent to 42 percent.

Cruz’s own internal poll showed him up 9 last week.   Cruz’s hired pollster, Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, is known to be solid with their polling.  Dewhurst’s hired pollster,  Baselice & Associates, is also well known and established.   This wasn’t even a contest immediately after the runoff.  Basic extrapolation states that this race is a dead heat with monster momentum for Cruz.  Even if Dewhurst’s internal is on the button, his internal showing him up only 8 is a concession that the mo is with Cruz and that Dewhurst is in deep trouble.  Dewhurst probably made things worse for himself by trying to cover up his pro-amnesty speech that you have seen blaring in the front page headlines of Redstate today.

This race is starting to look more and more like the battle between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate primary.  The closer Rubio got, the more the money poured in and Rubio left Crist in the dust.  It stands a very good chance that Cruz could pull away in a similar fashion.

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