Enough with the concerns. Ryan is a fabulous pick and ensures that we’ll have a ticket that will take the fight to Obama

Liberals and the MSM are saying (gushing in some places) that they are so happy with Romney’s pick and how they will be able to sway seniors their way.  The Mediscare and Ryan budget attacks will be vicious and full of baloney.  Florida will be so much more difficult for Romney to win now.  The Romney campaign had a bad month in July.  Romney made this pick because the race was beginning to slip.  Friends, don’t let your hearts grow faint:

Polling Absurdity

In the most recent polls, save Rasmussen, there has been absolutely silly presumptions on what the turnout of the electorate is going to be.  To suggest that the turnout is going to be the same as what we saw in 2008 (7 point advantage in Party ID for Democrats) or better this time around for Barack Obama is crazy.  The most recent polling shows this, as much as having a 19 point advantage for Democrats from a Pew National Research poll.  Another point is many of these polls are of registered or “adult” voters, not likely voters which should be used since it indicates levels of enthusiasm for each side.  Rasmussen is predicting an even turnout on both sides, something like what we saw in 2004.  This is realistic but Democrats aren’t as enthusiastic this time around as they were in 2004 and another problem is white, blue collar Democrats have been very much put off by what President Obama has done with his time in office.  That is a big problem in the Rust Belt states.  Romney has held a steady 3 point lead on average in this poll.  I defer the more intricate explanations to Neil Stevens as he is far better qualified to break the polls down than I am.

Romney/Ryan will take away Medicare for seniors

Obamacare did that when it was passed, cutting out a large chunk for seniors, to the tune of $716 billion.  I am very much looking forward to seeing Ryan articulate this on the campaign trail and in press interviews in the next couple of months.  Another thing, think selecting Paul Ryan will be a political liability for Mitt Romney in Florida?  Think again:

For even more counterintuitive results, look at Ryan’s standing among seniors.  Despite the attacks on Ryan over his budget plan, he’s easily the most liked of the short-listers among likely voters 65 years of age and over, with a 52/29 favorability rating.  His “very favorable” rating of 31% in the 65+ group is more than 10 points better than the other shortlisters in the Rasmussen survey (again, save Rice).

What happens when Ryan’s plan is explained to the voters?  Via the Weekly Standard:

A late-July Democracy Corps poll of likely voters in Republican-held battleground districts tested support for the Ryan plan. Voters were read a description of the plan – “what Republicans in Congress are saying about their budget” – and then asked whether they favored or opposed this budget plan.

“Our plan saves the country from a future of spending and debt by cutting an additional $5.3 trillion over the next ten years, bringing federal spending down the historic level of 20 percent as a share of the economy, and bringing deficits down by 2015. Our plan fixes the broken tax code by making it simple, fair and competitive, and eliminates special interest loopholes while lowering everyone’s rates to promote growth. Our plan repeals the Obama administration’s health care reform law and the Wall Street reform law, which cause uncertainty for job-creating businesses. Our plans strengthens Medicaid over the next decade by providing states greater flexibility to determine what is best for the people who live in their communities. Our plan will save Medicare for future generation by making smart reforms, giving future seniors the choice to purchase private plans or traditional Medicare.”

The results? Voters supported the plan 52-37.

If Ryan’s plan is getting this kind of result from a Democratic Party polling organization headed by James Carville, that should tell you something.  Of course we can talk about how the Democratic Party has not passed a budget in three years, no Democratic congressman voted for a budget proposed by President Obama, and how President Obama didn’t listen to the budget recommendations advocated by the Bowles/Simpson commission he gave his blessing to at the beginning.

The Romney campaign is screwing up

Contrary to some people’s opinions, Romney has run a stellar campaign.  He can’t help it if Eric Fehrnstrom and Andrea Saul have had some braindead moments…well, maybe he could.  There is no such thing as the perfect campaign.  Considering Mitt has outraised Obama for the last two months, Obama has blown a huge wad on attack ads that have yielded little if any positive movement, and has selected the standard bearer for the GOP on fiscal policy as his running mate, you cannot but help to feel very good about Romney’s prospects.  Just wait until he unleashes his massive fundraising war chest in the swing states in ads and on the ground.  Offering a positive vision while launching “Newt”onian attacks on Obama will be a lot of fun.  Considering how thin-skinned Obama and liberals are, I’m looking forward to their reaction when the Kraken is unleashed.

The End Result:  The Obama campaign is left on the street corner, empty, with nothing but a record they can’t defend

No matter how outrageous and false the charges from the Obama campaign, they are calculated and serve two purposes: 

  1. To distract keep the American public’s eye from scrutinizing Obama’s record and what he has done while he has been in office.
  2. To get the Romney campaign to defend themselves from these ludicrous attacks and distract Romney’s message to the American people.

So long as Romney and Ryan stay focused on substance, articulating what their jobs/economic vision is and occasionally highlighting Obama’s failures and scandals like Fast and Furious and Solyndra to name a couple, it is Mitt Romney’s race to lose.  Kudos to Mitt for making this a completely Midwest ticket because that is where the race will be decided for the Presidency.

Full steam ahead.


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