The epic Missouri Senate scenario

Akin pulls off a comeback and wins.

Do I think this can happen?  Well, I still believe he is burnt toast.  Split the vote with a write-in candidate?  It certainly didn’t affect Lisa Murkowski in Alaska a couple of years ago.  I’ll stand by my belief and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  Wouldn’t be the first time that happened and won’t be the last.  However, if something like this happened, you have to ponder the consequences:

  1. A single Senator can be a very big problem procedurally in getting legislation through the grinder.  Todd Akin could wind up being the biggest thorn in the side of Mitch McConnell if he is elected.  The Akin campaign is now making his campaign about “taking on the party bosses” a.k.a. casting himself as a tea party candidate against the establishment.
  2. I laugh when I think of this.  If Akin pulled this off, we might see the most epic meltdown ever in the liberal blogosphere and Democratic Party circles.  It would be the loudest “WHAT THE $#$#!” outcry that this country has ever heard.  It would probably also be the biggest piece of humble pie that the GOP establishment and the majority of conservative
  3. My political history is very hazy in some instances but there are some amazing statistics in the newest poll out of Missouri from Mason Dixon and Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air highlights this quite well.

                           As far as the US Senate race, it’s amazing that Akin’s still within nine points — a testament to the weakness of McCaskill.  On the question of whether Akin should withdraw, a slim plurality of McCaskill voters say he shouldn’t (44/40) … but a majority of Akin’s self-described voters think he should, 50/34.  Independents think he should withdraw by thirty-two points, 57/25, but 35% of them will still vote for Akin.  His favorables are at -39, 17/56, and yet he’s still getting 41% of the vote.

McCaskill stinks so bad, that 41% of voters are still willing to vote for Todd Akin.  Just ponder that for a bit.  The establishment has already committed to their course and I don’t see the NRSC or the SuperPACs giving any money to Akin from here until Election Day.

In closing, I know that this whole saga has created a lot of division within the contributors here of Redstate.  As I thought would happen, some people weren’t happy with my last post and that’s okay.  I don’t think any ill will toward anyone who voices disagreement or criticism toward me.  Just remember we all have the same goal of electing Mitt Romney and taking back the Senate in November.  It doesn’t make any sense to get into poisonous disagreements.  Now back to trying to figure out this re-design of the Redstate website….



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