Nate Silver has competition. Check out this new website that breaks down polls

Update:  After looking more at this site, this site has been out there since May.  I guess you could call it relatively new but still, it’s a great site. 

The name of the site is Battleground Watch.  This guy does some really good work.  I found out about this site by browsing around other conservative blogs and this one started popping up.  I checked it out and was so happy to see someone willing to take on these Democratic-heavy weighted polls and cut through the bull.

I have speculated that the majority of these pollsters along in coordination with the Obama campaign use these polls that contain a turnout model that mirrors or outperforms Democratic Party turnout in 2008 which was 7 points favored toward the Democrats.  The idea is to depress the GOP thinking it is hopeless and inevitable that Obama will win.  With the large enthusiasm gap between Democratic and Republican Party voters, the Obama campaign has to use every possible tool to shrink this gap.  They are definitely having a hard time motivating their base.  What is left is Chicago tactics like Axelrod and the White House intimidating Gallup on Gallup’s voting methodology.

Pass the news about Battleground Watch to help those who are getting nervous or having nightmares about what the polls have been showing.  The majority of these polls, save Rasmussen, definitely seem to have an agenda.  The state of the race as it stands right now is probably a dead heat but the dynamics and intangibles are heavily in Romney’s favor.  Obama’s bounce from the convention is long gone.  To be tied or slightly ahead in Rasmussen’s national and swing state polling heading into the debates is a very good spot for the Romney campaign to be in.

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