WELL….DONE….MITT!!! That’s one heck of a way to make a first impression to a big audience.

I don’t think I can ever recall such a dominating performance by a GOP Presidential candidate since maybe Reagan/Carter 1980.  Mitt’s command, knowledge, and depth of the issues was just an awesome display of competence.  His demeanor was cheerful, engaged, confident, and focused.  His energy was just incredible.   His discipline and preparation since June, the endless hours invested, very much paid off tonight.  The Romney debate team and debate prep opponent Rob Portman should be very much commended for their preparation. There were also many prayers said by supporters, including myself, asking our Lord to be with Mitt tonight and I had to remember to say a prayer of thanks when it was all over.

In my opinion, Obama will never be able to best Romney’s incredible command of the facts and that will make it very difficult to beat Romney in the final two debates.  Even if Obama tries to catch up by doing a cram job in his debate preparation, Mitt exposed Obama as utterly incompetent.  The responses of Obama were…clueless.  They just didn’t make sense and were completely disjointed and went frequently onto a different tangent.  Telling Jim Lehrer that he needed to move onto another subject was the crown moment of this.  It just flabbergasted me but didn’t surprise me.  Obama may throw out something about the 47% video or abortion like MSNBC hosts were railing about afterwards but Romney very likely had a rebuttal if those would have been brought up.  I guess I should have been bummed that Romney didn’t get a “You didn’t build that.” dig in but I can’t be because I am just so happy right now.

The only thing I think Mitt will have to be conscious of is being able to talk to the people in the town hall and dispel the notion that he is the stereotypical CEO.  I certainly didn’t see that tonight.  So long as he comes off as someone who is warm and people could feel like they could just bump into him on a sidewalk and strike up a conversation, he’ll be fine.

Don’t change a thing Mitt.  You made us all very proud tonight.

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