The predictable Democratic debate strategy from here on out: Attack, attack, attack. Liar, liar, liar. BS, BS, BS. And hope Romney and Ryan just defend and hope they don’t counter back

Since the mile-high massacre in Denver, Democratic operatives, pundits, and liberals have launched into one of the biggest tirades against the character of Mitt Romney that I have ever witnessed.  The American people have taken quite a liking to Mitt Romney and it really has them panicked.  The beginning of it was when Chris Matthews and the MSNBC panel were howling of how much Mitt Romney got away with that night.  Here’s the problem.   I didn’t see a stretch in anything Romney stated that night.  It was packed full of substance, what he was going to do and how he was going to do it, and a surgical prosecution while Obama was in office and he did it with a smile on his face.  This makes it easy to see what their debate strategy is going to be:

  1. Always be attacking — Obama and Biden have to do this now because there is some big time momentum toward Romney now that the Obama campaign is desperate to stop before it gets beyond their control.  So here is what happens.  They are going to attack and hope all Romney and Ryan do is defend.  They’ll do this so they’ll try to create the perception that they are winning because they are attacking and RR is defending all the time.  The simple way to counter this is defend, call out any untruths and attack back.  In other words,  just replicate Romney’s performance last Wednesday from here on out.  Personally, I like Moe Lane’s simple strategy.   Obama and Biden cannot debate on their record so they have to hope that Romney/Ryan defends and sits on their hands.  It’s the kitchen sink strategy and that really is all they have here.  However, I am sure RR and the debate team know this and will simply defend and counter-attack with substance and their ideas while prosecuting the last four years of the Obama presidency.
  2. Character attacks – Watch for Obama and Biden to constantly say “You’re not being truthful with the American people” “That’s not true.” and the like.
  3. Make the case that Romney-Ryan would be a worse alternative — They have already been doing this, calling Romney’s foreign policy to the right of George W. Bush (that’s quite a compliment if you ask me), saying that going back to what got us in this mess won’t solve anything.  Actually they have been doing this for awhile.  The fact is, they do this because they don’t have anything left in the holster.  This typically is a losing strategy for the incumbent but historically, this is what a failed term in office forces an incumbent into.

From MSNBC to Paul Krugman, to the Obama campaign (too many instances to link), it is obvious what their strategy is from here on out.  Can’t debate their record and can’t debate with Romney and Ryan on the vision and ideas for the country the next four years.  All they have left is the kitchen sink to throw at RR these last three debates.  The important thing is not to get cocky and the Romney campaign isn’t showing any signs of that.  They are still running with the urgency that they are still behind though the most recent polls suggest otherwise.  Paul Ryan has a difficult task ahead of him this Thursday.  Don’t laugh.  It’s gonna be hard for Ryan to handle all the baloney that Biden is going to be throwing his way while still telling the country what the Romney/Ryan ticket will do while in office.

There was a very enlightening thing that David Axelrod stated about Romney.  He said Romney had a great performance but it had no substance.  Now that’s either an entirely delusional statement, gutter level spin, or an insight into what the Obama campaign thinks debates are.  I believe that the Obama campaign believes that the debates are just all theatrics and putting on a good show.  It’s a good thing that Romney doesn’t think so.

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