Electoral Earthquake: Romney up 7 points in Florida and Virginia.


Likewise, Obama’s lead among likely women voters in Florida fell from 15 percentage points last month to just 2 points, 49 percent for Obama and 47 percent for Romney.

Obama’s once 11 point lead among likely independent voters had cascaded into a 13 point lead for Romney this week, 52 percent to 39 percent.

The poll found little change among Florida youngest voters, 18-34, or oldest voters, 65 and up. But those ages 35 to 64, who had been evenly divided a month ago, moved dramatically to the Republican nominee. Romney now has a nine point lead among voters age 35-49 and a 15 point lead among those between 50 and 64.

Especially ominous were the numbers for Hispanic voters, a demographic where the Obama campaign is banking on an advantage of at least 15 percentage points. The poll showed 44 percent of likely Hispanic voters favoring Obama and 46 for Romney, though the margin of error is higher with that smaller group of voters.

Mason Dixon is a reputable pollster and its polls are usually on the mark.

The Times poll “is just not rooted in reality,” senior Obama adviser David Plouffe said Thursday. “We got 57 percent of the Latino vote, according to exit (polls) last time. We think we’ll probably push 60 or above this time.”

So I guess that Univision debacle didn’t have any effect huh?

And then…


In that Virginia poll, Allen is up 3 on Kaine as well.  Party ID is D+o which is reasonable for Virginia.

My gut is telling me Romney might be about to break this open.  Keep donating and volunteering as if it is a tied race.

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