State of the Race, 3 Weeks Out — Absent of bad surprises, Mitt Romney will be President. Second, 12 Senate races are toss-ups.

Mitt Romney’s performance tonight was very, very good again.  He handled himself impeccably.  Sure, some people have issues with Candy Crowley’s moderation of the debate, particularly the mess she created regarding the Libya topic.  It guaranteed the Libya story will be in the news cycle leading up to the last debate which Barack Obama will have a very tall order just to come out of that debate with a draw.  However, Mitt did what he had to do and judging by the post debate polls, cleaned Obama’s clock on the most important issues of this election.

A Pleasant Choice

With Mitt Romney and the RNC announcing their September haul of $170 million with $191 million cash on hand at the end of September, I am wondering if they would be able to spend all that prior to Election Day.  With states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota (!!!!!!) either being toss-ups or getting dangerously close to attaining that status, there are a lot of pleasant options.  The best thing to do would maybe grant a sizable gift in the tens of millions of dollars range split out among 12 GOP Senators where the races are considered toss-ups.  I would argue that there are 13 with the latest Rasmussen poll showing Ben Nelson up 1 point over Connie Mack in Florida.  The Real Clear Politics Map tells it all.  I love the group of battlers that are in these toss-up races.  However, it is amazing what Tom Smith has done in Pennsylvania (I now believe he is going to win), Linda McMahon in Connecticut, and Josh Mandel in Ohio.  They should be commended for the races they have run.  No disrespect meant to the other GOP Senate candidates at all.  But those three candidates have the “WOW” factor going for them.   Heidi Heitkamp is trying to pull one over the voters of North Dakota in her race against Rick Berg.  What the passing of Obamacare taught us is there is no such thing as a conservative Democrat.  Many Democrats in the House and Senate got into office by campaigning on a conservative platform and then revealed who they really were when they passed that awful health care bill.

If the Romney campaign and the RNC has more money than necessary to deluge their final ad blitz in the swing states and Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota, it can’t hurt to invest and help the Senate campaigns of those 13 Senate races.  A strong GOP majority in the Senate could yield a very effective mandate and first-term agenda for Mitt Romney.

The race is still not over until you’ve voted, the polls have closed, and you’re watching the returns on TV.  Donate, volunteer, be a Cold Warrior precinct leader.  If there was one thing I was very happy about Romney’s performance is that he didn’t sit on his lead.  He forcefully pressed the attack forward.  We should continue as he did tonight.


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