(Update) Breaking: Obama campaign pushes the panic button in Pennsylvania

Big news.

  “On Monday November 5, President Clinton will campaign in Pittsburgh and Scranton as well as hold two events in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

This is OFA’s top surrogate. Four stops in Pennsylvania the day before the election.

Any questions who’s winning?

Romney up 4 in Pennsylvania in release of new poll tonight.  Susquehanna is the pollster that nailed Toomey winning his Senate victory on the nose and predicted Tom Corbett’s win within two points.

Correction:  The link that I got to that poll was through Twitchy  which linked to the Erie County Pennsylvania GOP office citing this poll.  I thought this was odd because I had seen an article on Hot Air stating that Susquehanna would release its final poll in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review on Sunday.  The pollster’s director, Jim Lee, informed that this was inaccurate and related to the poll that was released about 3 weeks go.  The final poll will indeed come out on Sunday in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review which the director hinted that shows a tighter race, probably indicating a smaller Romney lead.  Susquehanna has come out with its final poll of the PA Senate race today showing Bob Casey Jr. up 1, 46-45.

Interesting tweet to Jay Cost cited in that Battleground Watch post.

@jaycosttws I am in Bucks Cty and got a call from OFA looking for volunteers to help Obama in the district.Playing catch up last minute

— Mary Sue (@RubySlipperblog)

Oh my.  It looks like the Obama campaign has been caught flat-footed. If Organizing For America is just starting to rustle up volunteers, it is already too late.  The momentum is already beyond their control.  Romney is already booked to outspend Obama on the airwaves by a 4 to 1 margin in all the PA markets, including Philadelphia, and will be doing a campaign event in Bucks County which is a crucial portion of the Philadelphia suburbs.  According to ground reports in Pennsylvania, the Romney ground game and volunteers are off the charts enthusiastic and are definitely believing they will win Pennsylvania.  Obama has no time to buy ad time and very little money left with the lion’s share of resources devoted to trying to hang on to Ohio.   The New York Times and Ed Rendell are openly very worried about Pennsylvania.  I remember a bolt out of the blue whiplash like this happening in the Coakley-Brown Massachusett’s Senate race in 2010.


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