Gay marriage further proves we are a nation that no longer fears God and are no longer a nation that is under God

It would seem that America’s moral decline is now picking up in speed, exhibiting a parallel mirror to what our national debt that has been quickening as well.  I don’t really find this to be a coincidence.  I blame we more as apathetic, complacent, self-righteous Christians than those who engage in a rebellious lifestyle.   It is not my place to condemn those that engage in that lifestyle and I certainly do not want to berate or demean them.  Tolerance and compromise of sin is proving to be the undoing of our country which was once great.  There are a number of reasons I believe this and I admit, it sometimes makes my head spin just how big our problems have become and how fast the country has gotten off track.

I readily admit that I have been apathetic, complacent, and self-righteous in my heart many times in my life.  I have been more worried about my own problems rather than getting out there and deepening my friendships and be an example of Christ wherever I go and to anyone I meet.  I along with a great many others have strayed down the path that if I just work harder, make more money, enlarge my bank account and get to “financial independence”, that my problems will go away and then I will do as I am commanded to do by my Lord.  What a foolish and selfish mindset.  Too many churches have fallen into the trap today of becoming Church, Inc., more worried about growing their churches and increasing their weekly collection of tithes than having a selfless, positive impact in their community. I guess you could say that the reason for where the country is today is for me to first look in the mirror and truly examine myself first.


In previous posts, I have written that though America was founded on the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, the test of this country to determining whether or not it will remain a free nation is if it remains a righteous and just nation under God.  This country, 236 and 3/4 years ago, was given an incredible gift from God.   A country, governed by the will of the people whom elect leaders to serve, enact just law that the judicial branch administers with equal justice, to live a free nation as a republic.  Ever since World War II ended and our deep gratitude and love toward God for granting us an incredible victory in a war on two fronts, as the end of that war became more distant in the past, so have we become more distant from God.  Permitting abortion, pornography, weak administration and enforcement of our laws, feeling more sorry about criminals condemned to die rather than the victims whom died at their hands,  not taking responsibility for the choices we make if they are bad, laziness, greed, selfishness, I could go on and on.  I am actually surprised that we haven’t reaped the whirlwind yet from God but, it does testify to the unfathomable depth of God’s love, grace, and mercy from executing a fierce judgment and subsequent punishment that we so richly deserve.  In some respects, it is already happening.  You can’t expect to abort 50 million children/taxpayers and expect no future impact on the nation’s economy and treasury in the long run.  Population growth is exponential.  You mess with that and the results are predictable.  Too many retirees living on social security + not enough taxpayers to fund social security + corrupt past and current politicians who have raided social security to further their political careers = eventual bankruptcy of social security.  This is of course just one example.   I am not against abortion, gay marriage, pornography, etc. just because I think its wrong.  It is because I fear God and the judgment that He can execute.  Sodom, Gomorrah, Israel post King David, Egypt, Babylonia, Persia, Rome, there are plenty of examples littered throughout history that testify what happens when a nation does not obey and heed God.  The book of Lamentations is a great warning and testimony that pleads for future generations not to take the path that Israel took.  He will not contend with us forever and permit His grace and mercy to be taken advantage of.  No, it really isn’t okay anymore.  There is still time to turn and avoid a catastrophic calamity of national bankruptcy and subsequent war that would follow but we don’t have a whole lot of time.  The best way I can think of to avoid this is stop thinking about my bank account, my problems, and start thinking about applying and acting the Word to my life and helping others with their problems.


In a way, it doesn’t surprise me.  Our leaders in Washington are a mirror of whom we have become as a people.  Great actors, phonies who will sell their principles and convictions down the road to be in the majority of public belief and ultimately benefit themselves, whose only concern is for themselves and their careers, loving the gravy train provided for by lobbyists and special interests.  It has been hilarious to watch the stampede of prominent figures both in Washington and in business and social circles to get ahead and on the side of the majority of public opinion.  I am curious, if 58% of the people of this country are for gay marriage, why have 31 or 32 states (I can’t remember the number) have passed laws by both legislators and voters defining marriage between a man and a woman?  I don’t know, maybe things have really changed and this country really has sped up its path to ultimate destruction of America as we know it.   This all just makes me so sad for a number of reasons.  I would just like to see one Republican or Democratic figure just stand up and announce loudly that gay marriage is wrong, this is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, not caring if their political career comes to an end.  Washington has such a lack of courage, selflessness, and virtue nowadays.  It would be wonderful to see elected officials exhibit this again.


Even the homeless and destitute are rich because we live in a free country.  We are free to speak freely, free to worship, free to work hard and enjoy the fruits of that hard work.  However, with this freedom comes the responsibility to live as a righteous and just nation, under God.  Being under God means to be in submission, to be obedient to Him.  We are not the nation that is blessed because of what we and those for us have done.  We are the nation we are today because, in the words of Governor Price Daniel of Texas, given many years ago, said:

“A South American leader and visitor who many years ago was asked why

the material progress of North Americas so far outstripped that of South America replied:

‘The people who settled North America came here seeking God.

Those who came to South America were in search of gold’ “

So simple and powerful a testimony.  No matter what your lot in life is, no matter how difficult it may currently be, you can make yourself a success, America can make itself a success and great again, with a selfless, obedient, courageous, earnest heart that loves God and others, works hard, is content with the results, and has a positive, enthusiastic, yet humble attitude that never gives up.  The solution to our problems is so simple.  It lies in following, having faith in, and using God’s Word, not in elected leaders or man in general.  It all starts with me, and starts with you.

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