(Update)The Brutal Truth about Benghazi: The White House simply let those men die

They couldn't calculate and determine the political consequences of taking action to defend those men or that they were just too lazy and indifferent

Looking at the recent document dump that was happening as President Obama was putting on his ruse that he was making heads roll by directing Jack Lew to get rid of IRS commissioner Steve Miller (who was leaving next month any way), I found it highly curious that the document dump of emails only dated from September 14 onward, leaving out the critical September 10-13 window.  Those are the emails that will really shed light on what action/inaction the White House took in the period prior to, during, and after the attack in Benghazi.  And I am pretty certain that the White House was hoping that by this action that it would create the perception that they had nothing to hide and were hoping the media and public will let this go away.

The Democrats are desperate to frame this as a witch hunt against the president and Hillary:

Reid called the (potential) primary while contextualizing the GOP’s obsession with the administration’s messaging in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on a U.S. facility in Benghazi last year.

“To keep going over this thing, day after day, on things that have been in the public record for months and months, it’s obvious that it’s an attempt to embarrass President Obama and to embarrass Hillary Clinton,” Reid said, before assessing the Democratic primary field.

No Harry, they are trying to get at the truth of what happened and why 4 Americans unnecessarily lost their lives in something that could have been prevented.  Why did Hillary ignore pleading requests for defensive aid in the previous weeks/months up to and on the day of the attack?  That underlined passage is quite the whopper from Harry Reid since, well, the White House doesn’t exactly have the reputation with being forthcoming in disclosing information.  The problem is for Harry Reid and the rest of the Democratic machine is that if there is nothing to hide, they would have released all the emails from September 10 onward.  Sometimes the truth can embarrass people.  The GOP is trying to get at the truth and if the truth does embarrass Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that is their fault, not the GOP’s.

We have seen this before when Bill Clinton had the chance to take out Obama Bin Laden in 1998 but because of being unable to determine whether this would have a positive or negative political effect following the action taken, it was better not to take any action at all.   To his credit, President Obama did but only did so because taking that action and gamble could only yield a positive political effect and there was minimal chance of loss.  When the time came to take action in Benghazi, which happened to be in an election year, they couldn’t determine what political impact this would have on the President and his chances of getting re-elected.  Therefore, it was better not to take any action at all or they were just too lazy and indifferent.  The GOP should just stay on their sober, focused course.  Of course, the shrill cries coming from the Democratic party will get louder the more the GOP presses to get the rest of the communications from that critical time frame regarding Benghazi.  If the investigation carries into 2014, that will be the White House’s doing, not the GOP’s.

What selfish and impotent people we have in the White House.

UPDATE:  From Breitbart, Eric Holder says he won’t appoint a special counsel to investigate Benghazi.  Gee, I wonder why :)


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