The unfolding conclusion to the IRS scandal? The Obama administration illegally used the IRS as an arm of their re-election campaign

Yes, the Democratic Party officially now has their Richard Nixon

Ouch!  Here is what can be pieced together thus far.

  1. The IRS began targeting Tea Party groups in 2010 prior to the congressional elections.
  2. Democratic senators just happened to start publicly pressing the IRS to target conservative groups in 2010.
  3. The New York Times reported that senior Treasury officials were made aware and knew of the IRS targeting conservative groups in June 2012.  This of course invalidates Obama’s claim that he only found out about the IRS scandal very recently out of the newspapers.
  4. The Times revelation also indicates a motive why Watchdog.org received a spike in website activity in January 2013.  President Obama and his Administration knew of the IRS scandal as early as June 2012 and wanted to get ahead of where the investigation was going as the House had been investigating complaints by Tea Party Organizations that they were being targeted by the IRS.
  5. The Obama Administration, Eric Holder, and former IRS commissioner Steven Miller are playing the Steve Martin defense “I forgot, I don’t know”  Miller’s testimony on Capitol Hill was both hilarious yet appalling in some of his answers.  Miller particularly became forgetful when he was repeatedly questioned who or whom at the IRS was responsible for the targeting of conservative groups.
  6. Obama’s campaign co-chair attacked Mitt Romney with documents that ultimately were revealed to have been leaked directly from the IRS.
  7. The IRS since 2011 engaged in brazenly false representations and denials of targeting Tea Party groups.

If I have left anything out, feel free to contribute in the comments on this post.  In summary, this thing is very big in scope and we are in the infant stages of this.  There are a lot more pieces to this puzzle still out there that I am sure we don’t know about yet.  Aside from the Obama administration utilizing the IRS for political advantage in hamstringing their opposition, congressional Democrats (at least Senators) were openly advocating for this action to be taken by the IRS.

This is why big government never works.  Aside from being a expensive financial cancer to a nation, there is too much corruption in government.   As government increases, so does corruption and lust for more power.  Our country wasn’t founded on the government holding a gun to the head of the people.  It was founded on a free people holding a gun to the government’s head to keep the government honest and out of people’s lives.

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