(Update: WOW) Special Prosecutor is now necessary — Holder and Lerner are criminal investigation targets

Evidence now exists in the public domain that Holder committed perjury and Lerner was directly involved in the IRS targeting of conservative groups

There is a strong reason Lois Lerner took the Fifth.  She was directly involved in targeting conservative groups.  From National Review:

A series of letters suggests that senior IRS official Lois Lerner was directly involved in the agency’s targeting of conservative groups as recently as April 2012, more than nine months after she first learned of the activity.

Lerner, the director of the IRS exempt organizations office in Washington, D.C., signed cover letters to 15 conservative organizations currently represented by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) between in March and April of 2012. The letters, such as this one sent to the Ohio Liberty Council on March 16, 2012, informed the groups applying for tax-exempt status that the IRS was “unable to make a final determination on your exempt status without additional information,” and included a list of detailed questions of the kind that a Treasury inspector general’s audit found to be inappropriate.

Each of those target letters is evidence my fellow RedStaters = one count in a federal indictment.  Issa, should he bring her back before committee, will no doubt question her on these letters.  This presents an interesting dilemma.  The House Committee has evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Lois Lerner.  Aside from lying to the committee prior to her planted question/answer scheme that unraveled, these letters are the smoking gun on Lerner.  As Hot Air points out:

What possible defenses could she have to signing the cover letters? An obvious one, and a hallmark of Hopenchange crisis management, is to plead negligence to rebut the charge of intentional wrongdoing. She’ll say yes, she learned about the tea-party targeting in 2011, but she didn’t pay attention to the cover letters and signed them as a batch without scrutinizing the contents whenever her underlings needed her to. The letters to tea-partiers were mixed in with letters to nonpolitical nonprofits and, well, oops! Obama’s spent the past two weeks pleading ignorance of everything that’s going on in his administration as a defense to the IRS scandal, the DOJ’s pursuit of reporters, and even Benghazi. (O never knew about the repeated requests for more security there, he says.) Copping to being a terrible, disengaged manager rather than a willfully corrupt schemer is working out well for him so far. Why wouldn’t it work for Lerner?

Ah, yes, the “incompetent idiocy” defense that everyone in the Obama administration and the IRS is currently engaging in.  Even the L.A. Times finds this indefensible.

Bottom line, it looks like Lerner cannot testify because she is criminally liable.  She feels she did nothing wrong because it’s okay to target conservative groups.  Another conclusion:  The Obama Administration  and Democratic Senators gave covert orders to target conservative groups by means of publicly suggesting the IRS go after conservative groups while at the same time insulating themselves.   And now —

Holder Perjures Himself

Holder personally approved the warrant to go after James Rosen of Fox News yet telling the congressional committee:

In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.

Oh boy, and the irony is he hung himself on questioning from a Democratic congressman.

We now have two, most certainly not “a couple of low-level employees that went of the ranch”, who are criminally liable in two separate scandals.  This warrants the appointment of a special prosecutor.  There is no other way.

Update:  It is much worse than what was believed.   The Obama Administration is turning the Justice Department into something similar to what was seen when Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union existed.

Via Ace:

According to recently unsealed documents in the case, the Obama Justice Department sought an extensive amount of information from Rosen’s e-mail account. In addition to Rosen’s correspondence with Kim, the government wanted to know about Rosen’s contacts with other government officials, including “records or information relating to the Author’s communication with any other source or potential source of the information disclosed in the Article.”

Ace rightly sums it up:

Do you see what’s going on there? Not only do they want to see which of Obama’s people are disloyal in the actual case, they also want to keep secretly reading a private citizen’s email for years in order to find other sources of leaks in other matters.

In other words: It’s nakedly a Traitor Fishing Expedition.

Question: What happens if we find out that one of Rosen’s sources — say his other government sources, who are not in possession of any confidential information, but who can offer some negative information about Obama personnel — failed to be promoted due to his name surfacing in this years-long Loyalty Crusade?

There is such egregious trampling of the Constitution here I cannot begin to explain it all.  This is why the Constitution was made.  To keep an abominably corrupt government in check.  The Constitution however can only protect so much.  The point is approaching rapidly that the Constitution will no longer be able to act as this check.  Why?  Because the people that make up our government are too corrupt and have no fear of the Constitution and the laws in place that would keep them in check and punish them for engaging in such criminal activity.

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