Marco Rubio commits hari-kari and buries his presidential chances



Not only the presidency but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Senator Rubio become a one-term Senator.

“Let’s be clear. Nobody is talking about preventing the legalization. The legalization is going to happen. That means the following will happen: First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence. What we’re talking about here is the system of permanent residence. As for the legalization, the enormous majority of my colleagues have accepted that it has to happen and that it has to begin at the same time we begin the measures for [the border]. It is not conditional. The legalization is not conditional.”  Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Perhaps Senator Rubio should learn what happened in 1986 as given by Edwin Meese whom Ronald Reagan admitted that signing the 1986 amnesty bill into law was his biggest mistake while he was president:

Reagan saw that illegal immigration was becoming a big problem and wanted to stop it. He was persuaded to allow a relatively small amnesty as a bargaining chip to strengthen border security, and more importantly, workplace enforcement. Reagan wanted to fine employers $3,000 to $10,000 for each illegal immigrant deliberately hired. Congress betrayed him on the enforcement measures and probably the extent and eventual costs of the amnesty.

Sound familiar?  Tip O’Neill fooled Reagan and now Chuck Schumer is fooling Marco Rubio.  The cost will be that what looked to be one of the GOP’s frontrunners for president in 2016 will not have a chance at becoming president.  Steve King gives his account of what happened back then:

“When the president of the United States (Reagan) came to the Republican Conference…he said to us ‘You must pass comprehensive immigration reform, Republicans, or you will never win another national election. I’m trying to help you,’ King recalled, asserting that’s simply not true — citing a divide-and-conquer strategy. “It will split this party in half. It will pit Republicans against Republicans. The Democrats know that. That is a clear tactic in politics, to divide the other party down an issue if you can.” — Congressman Steve King (R-IA)

I guess Texas and Arizona will be blue states in the very near future if this bill passes.  Now from the one truly insane wacko bird:

I believe if we pass this legislation, it won’t gain us a single Hispanic vote, but what it will do is put us a playing field where we can compete. Right now we can’t compete,” he said at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “The numbers in the last couple of elections authenticate that statement…..

I would just try to show my friends, particularly in states like mine and the state of Texas where the demographics should be convincing,” he said. “Six or eight years from now we will have if not a majority, a near to majority Hispanic population in my state. So it is a demographic certainty, that if we condemn ourselves to 15 or 20 percent of the Hispanic vote, we will not win elections.”  — Senator John McCain (R-AZ)

This is madness.  That boldfaced sentence is a whopper.  Let’s give the Democrats more voters so we’ll be able to compete.  HUH???  Let’s pass legislation that will alienate our base, put the House in very real jeopardy, let Democrats retain control of the Senate, and let the Democratic Party turn Texas and Arizona blue.  Let’s put more millions on government benefits so we can REALLY explode that deficit because we don’t think Obamacare doesn’t explode it enough.  What makes this so completely crazy is that an overwhelming majority of Americans insist that any immigration bill must have border security come first.  (Note:  This was a poll from early March.  I don’t believe this has changed any since I couldn’t find any more recent polls.)

Mercy, we have some wimpy idiots on the right.  The reason why we have a problem right now with immigration that politicians love to say is broken is because we don’t secure the border and refuse to enforce the current immigration laws in place.  Any immigration deal must have have border security first, then legalization, not the other way around.  This is non-negotiable. So what if the Democrats will never pass a bill that places border security first and will demagogue the GOP if immigration will not happen.  If that is the case, the status quo is a better outcome than any legalization first legislation getting passed.  What makes it even more maddening is the overwhelming support for border security first.  Democrats talking Republicans into going against public opinion is just unbelievable.

Our country appears to certainly be screwed.  Neither party serves the American people anymore.  Our government for the most part is abominably corrupt beyond repair.

There is only one way I see that can put a stop to these politicians that represent the GOP.  It is the surest way to make a GOP politician get cold feet.  If any GOP Senator up for election next year or in 2016 votes for the Senate bill, their political careers must be put into peril by being primaried starting today.  That has always been the surest way to persuade a politician. The same should go for House members who allow legalization first, border security second never.

Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid must be laughing their collective butts off right now.  Here’s a parting shot from Ace at Rubio:

Let’s be clear: I’ll vote for anyone except you for President, including a Democrat.

That’ll leave a mark.

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