So, this immigration theater was all much ado about nothing?

To GOP senators supporting the Senate bill: You're so stupid

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If what is being reported by the National Journal’s Fawn Johnson is to be believed and this article does look very rational, any immigration reform happening is dead for awhile unless John Boehner lets the Senate bill get an up-or-down vote in the House.  Knowing the countless bills that Harry Reid has tabled that have passed the House, Boehner shouldn’t give Reid any favors.  It looks like that won’t happen:

The House Judiciary Committee has yet to tackle the most difficult issues on immigration—what to do with the current undocumented population and how to handle the future flow of low-skilled immigrants. There are no signs that the committee is working on any such bills. We don’t know who would sponsor them or, on the off chance that someone actually puts pen to paper, that such measures could even get out of committee.

What about the House floor? The best hope for the immigration legislation to continue moving forward would be an “immigration week” in the House in July, in which members vote on several different bills to set up a far more conservative proposal than the solution posed in the Senate…

That means there will be no companion bill to match up against the Senate’s immigration reform before the recess.  What happens when everyone returns in September?  Congress has to face the debt-ceiling issue and pass a budget, which will be all the more complicated because of the coming ObamaCare mandates

So, the question must be asked to the Gang of 8 GOP senators if it was really worth it to let the Democrats and Trojan Horse GOP consultants actually drinking the political poison?  Was it worth potentially and irreparably damaging Marco Rubio’s presidential prospects for 2016?  Was it worth dividing the party?  Was it worth destroying your political career (I’m looking right at you Lindsay Graham)?

This whole theater of this was by both parties’ establishment brass, Democrat and Republican, was a giant phantom/Kabuki theater pander to Hispanics for political positioning for the 2014 mid-terms.  Reid, Schumer and company did it in the faint hope that maybe they could get a bill to the President’s desk that was a legalization-amnesty first abomination with no concrete border security whatsover.  If they didn’t get it, they would demagogue the GOP with it’s failure and cheapen all the efforts of Hispanics whom have played by the rules of law to gain citizenship to this country.   In reality, the unfulfilled border security promises of Democrats relating back to the 1986 amnesty legislation show just how contemptuous that party’s respect for the rule of law and law-abiding Hispanics really is.  On the GOP side, the GOP side of the Gang of 8 pretty much went along with the Democrats as well as the usual establishment suspects whose votes are bought of with political bribery payoffs pork included in the bill.  Also, they wanted to show Hispanics that they are not anti-immigrant so passing a horribly flawed immigration bill, no matter how bad it was, out of one chamber of Congress would accomplish that.  It also had the side benefit of trying to diminish the influence of the Tea Party.

Hispanics are nothing but a powerful political pawn that each party’s brass covets.  I come away with this thinking that neither the Democratic or Republican party brass will let any immigration reform pass unless it assures that this voting segment will be in their camp.  How that is accomplished is by who signs the legislation into law and that is the President.  That is the reason why the Bush-Kennedy immigration bill in 2007 didn’t get passed (thank goodness).  It will be the reason why the House will not pass the Gang of 8 bill onto the president’s desk (thank goodness).  The only common-sense immigration bill that should pass is grounded by first securing to border as mandated by the Secure Fence Act of 2006 (which the vast number of Americans support) and only then start the process of legalizing immigrants still here in the country.  The only way that gets passed is if the GOP gets the Presidency, retains the House, and forces a GOP supermajority to pass legislation in the Senate.

I am thankful for one thing.  It sure helped point out the phonies in the GOP.

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