Paul Ryan floats the latest immigration reform trial balloon at a town hall

This apparently says a lot

I caught this over at Hot Air.  This is in regards to a video Think Progress recorded of a recent town hall meeting with Paul Ryan and his constituents.  Initially I would take anything from Think Progress with a mountain-sized grain of salt.  It is actually enlightening in a lot of ways which I will go into here shortly.  First the transcript:

Bringing these bills to the floor, we’ll find out.It is not, “they don’t come to the floor unless we have a majority of the majority,” because we don’t know if we have a majority until we vote on it.

So here’s where I see things going. I’ve spoken to John Boehner as recently as three days ago about this, which is, we all agree it is better to legislate in stages instead of one big thousand plus page bill that no one has read. [...] I’m trying to get to a consensus so a majority of us do support those component parts. I believe that’s achievable because when people really look at the details and they focus on what’s right, I believe what I’ve just laid out is something that a consensus of Republicans and Democrats can agree to.

Wrong Mr. Ryan.  Ensuring majority support among a majority of congressmen prior to a bill coming to the floor of the House is exactly what the Hastert Rule means.  From Wikipedia:

Under the doctrine, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives will not allow a vote on a bill unless a majority of the majority party supports the bill.

It’s actually kind of funny watching some of the GOP leaders in the House tie themselves all up in knots over this or worse, try to fool people on the interpretation of something that is well known.  It’s amazing how their interpretations of legislative procedure and previously stated positions magically evolve so they can get a big pay off toward their selfish ambition.

I will remind you of what Speaker Boehner’s position stated not too long back:

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Thursday the House will not pass any immigration reform legislation — including a bill reported out of conference — that does not have the support of a majority of Republican and Democratic members. The embattled Speaker’s declaration further narrows the path for immigration in the House

That pathway is much tougher than just getting a majority of GOP House members to vote yes.  Here’s what I see.

  1. There are some big GOP donors who want to pay cheaper labor by increasing the supply of unemployed workers.  So the way they get that is to bring fundraising pressure or dangling lucrative temptations on congressmen.  The GOP congressmen have to remember that dollars don’t vote, their constituents do.  Whom are greater in number, the donors or their constituents?
  2. These trial balloons we are seeing look like vain hope in trying to get public opinion to favor a bill that the majority of Democrats will support and keep the big donors in their camp as well.

We are going to have to ride these guys hard until nothing is passed or what is passed funds the completion of the fence along the border first along with the other necessary security measures.  Only then anything resembling granted whatever form of legal status these illegal immigrants are going to have to earn should be bundled into the bill.  If John Boehner told Paul Ryan what Ryan claims the Speaker told him, his Speakership along with the GOP congressional minority whom would vote with the Democratic majority are in very real peril indeed.  They all need to be primaried if they try to pull that.


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