For all the focus that is on defunding Obamacare, remember immigration

There is currently a large full court press on GOP congressmen to push unsatisfactory immigration legislation through

Just saying…

Mickey Kaus takes on Ted Cruz saying that his defunding push is causing conservatives to fall asleep on immigration and should be blamed if amnesty passes.  One thing sticks out that Kaus stated:

Once the Gang of 8 bill cleared the Senate, the best hope of blocking it was to delay House consideration until after the August recess, when the Republican grass roots could attend town halls and drive home that they’d oppose any backsliding from their elected Representatives. At the same time, it became clear that the amnesty-friendly GOP House leadership realized that the way to sneak amnesty through was to not talk about it, lest those grass roots get riled up. Hence, the Boehner “piecemeal” strategy–nothing to see here, just a few little bills!

Anyone see how quiet GOP congressmen have been during the recess and the town halls hush-hush?  Defunding Obamacare isn’t the only thing that should be raised up at town halls.  Immigration definitely should be as well. When someone lays low, there is a reason that they want to keep you unaware of.

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