The Covert Swindle: Is the House immigration piecemeal approach just a GOP kabuki ruse?

Devious ones these congressmen are

Not too long back, I had noticed how quiet the GOP had become talking about immigration prior to recess.  Now, some GOP congressmen are now either having no town hall meetings at all or are trying to have them very, very quietly.  There has been speculation that a betrayal is coming though it has been unclear how:

If Boehner wants to pass some sort of amnesty while keeping his fingerprints off it as much as possible, his best bet is to very quietly encourage Pelosi to pursue a discharge petition and to very quietly assure amnesty-leaning House Republicans that they’ll suffer no reprisals from the leadership for voting with the Democrats on it. That way he can pretend that the Gang of Eight bill passed against his will and against the will of the House GOP majority while also letting the RNC take credit for “bipartisan passage” by pointing to the 20-30 rogue Republicans who ended up voting with the Democrats. Or maybe that’s what Schumer has in mind: If the conference committee forges a new, terrible bill, Boehner could feign opposition while a Democratic-led discharge petition conveniently forces him to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. A betrayal is coming; the only question is how.

Here’s how it how it goes down:

  1. Engage in classic Washington kabuki theater to fool the public — “Former House Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) cut right to the heart of the subterfuge, saying that the Republicans’ promise “to act tough on border security while looking to secure amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants has become infuriatingly all-too-familiar.”
  2. Have notable leaders in the GOP take charge with supportive statements –  Statements of support recently by Paul Ryan (see main article) and Marco Rubio have an air of scraping the bottom of the barrell  with how desperately pleading they sound.    They are really trying hard to sell this to their voters.
  3. Leftist groups target key GOP members during the August recess — The White House blog has been busy trumpeting building bi-partisan support for immigration reform on a frequent basis.  Conservatives and voters in GOP districts cannot stay silent during this recess.  The heat must be brought.
  4. Congress arrives back from recess and GOP leadership roll out their grand Trojan Horse piecemeal plan with ill intentions — “Why is Schumer optimistic? Hayworth explains that Republicans are embracing a classic “bait and switch” technique that is likely to succeed this time because, as opposed to the 2006-2007 effort, “the GOP leadership has become smarter, and more devious with their messaging.” He contends that a tough law enforcement bill sponsored by Rep. Mike McCaul, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, will receive a vote of approval, but will be subsequently abandoned during the House-Senate reconciliation process. McCaul has reportedly been apprised of this reality — behind closed doors — by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).  Instead, a bill sponsored by Cantor and Goodlatte, tentatively named the KIDS Act, legalizing illegal aliens who came to the country as children, will also be approved, and then become the actual bill that is sent to conference. Once it gets to conference, House Republicans will no longer be able to stop it: only a simple majority of conferees from each chamber will be needed to get the reconciled “Conference Report” floor votes in both the House and the Senate. This will allow House GOP members to claim they are tough on enforcement, even as Boehner will appoint conferees who can be counted on to embrace the Senate’s position on amnesty.As Hayworth explains, when the resulting Conference Report is brought to the House floor, only a handful of Republican votes, coupled with overwhelming Democrat support, will be required to make amnesty a reality.”
  5. The bills go to conference and we get a really crappy bill that is very much along the lines of the Gang of 8 bill –  Dingy Harry has bragged about how this would indeed happen.  It would be at this point that I would hope if it got this far, either Mike Lee or Ted Cruz would pull a Jim DeMint and object to the appointment of conferees.

There’s your betrayal by the GOP House that leaves the conservative caucus out in the cold.  I have to wonder what would happen if the conservative caucus and other GOP members told Boehner they will not vote yea on any of the piecemeal legislation because they will be hung out to dry when the bills go to conference?  The best option is to just table immigration reform indefinitely or better yet, just vote down the Gang of 8 bill altogether, start over and originate a bill that follows what the article states below and send this to the Senate just prior to the 2014 mid-term elections?

Like other Republicans, Boehner needs to be reminded that the system is “broken,” primarily because the refusal to enforce the crackdown on businesses who hire illegal aliens, and the steadfast refusal to secure the border (mandated by the 1986 immigration reform bill) has brought us to where we are now. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing stopping those provisions from being enforced right now – other than the ongoing refusal by the Obama administration, supported by compliant Republicans, to enforce that law. Is there any end in sight to this racket?


Democrats and some Republicans screwed over Reagan when they didn’t follow through with the mandate to enforce the border when the 1986 amnesty bill was paased.  This would be such a political winner if the GOP leadership would simply say that there will be no immigration reform until the border is first secured by a stout fence that is funded, built, and other security measures are in place not by presidential proclamation from Barack Obama.  If the GOP House leadership does go through with this ruse, their chances of retaining the House go from very good to toss-up status at best and their slim chances to take over the Senate go down the tubes.  It’s a bad thing when you have one political party wanting an immigration bill that will get a huge number of new voters onto their voter rolls + the other party’s congressmen trying to be bought off by big business wanting cheap labor and screwing over a majority of their voters in the process.

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